Choreographer Chaitanya passed away

New Delhi:

Telugu choreographer Chaitanya has passed away.

He allegedly committed suicide on Sunday.

It is being told that a lot of debt was incurred on him.

Chaitanya was 37 years old.

A video of him is doing the rounds on social media in which he is saying that he cannot repay his loan and is feeling a lot of pressure due to financial constraints.

Chaitanya's fans are in shock after this incident and have also expressed grief on social media. 

A fan wrote on Chaitanya's death, 'This is unexpected Chaitanya Master, suicide is not a solution, you were so talented yet could not understand, how can you do this.

It takes a lot of courage to commit suicide, you could have used that courage to solve your problem.

There is a lot of anger and sadness on your death.

Another comment has come, 'The news of Chaitanya's suicide is shocking for all of us.

I watch The Dhi show every week and you had become our family member.

The choreographer gained immense popularity after her association with the Telugu dance show Dhi.


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