Wu Dongyan became the big devil in "The Rich in the Market".

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[Reporter Li Shaoling/Taipei Report] Wu Dongyan was responsible for two lives in the 8:00 show of FTV, and became the "big devil" in the play. Recently, he had to start a fugitive plan because of the conclusive evidence of his crime. He was filmed a few days ago When they arrived at the airport to board the plane, they were stopped by Fu Zichun and Zhang Shuwei. The negotiation between the two parties broke down, and the conflict was imminent.

Zhang Shuwei, who grew up together in the play, learned that Wu Dongyan was the real culprit who killed his mother. He collapsed on the spot and rushed forward to beat Wu Dongyan. Finally, the police arrived and the two sides started a fierce gun battle. .

Wu Dongyan held a gun and prepared to flee in "The Rich in the Market".

(Provided by FTV)

The most important scene of the gun battle, Liao Jiayi, Ni Qimin, Xiao Hui, Fu Zichun, Wu Dongyan, Xie Jingying, Zhang Shuwei, Liu Yi, Forrest Gump, Zhou Yurou and others were dispatched to shoot in the parking lot together. Together with the martial arts instructor and the team, nearly a hundred people fought for this scene .

Wu Dongyan said that this is his first time filming a shootout scene, and he was quite nervous, especially this scene is the big retribution of the character Jackie Chan, the lesson of being beaten up by everyone, presumably the audience will like it.

But what makes him unforgettable is the fight scene with Zhang Shuwei. The two have known each other for more than ten years, and finally collaborated in "The Rich in the Market". Unexpectedly, the troubled brothers and brothers in the early stage have turned their faces now, which made him struggle every time before shooting. But the two also said that it would be true if they wanted to fight, but they didn't expect that when Zhang Shuwei was about to kneel down and beat him violently, his knee hit his lower body directly, causing him pain to the point of tears in the corner of his eyes, and he couldn't help but raise his hand to beg for mercy.

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Wu Dongyan (Part 2) was beaten to the ground by Zhang Shuwei in "The Rich in the Market", and said with a wry smile that even his balls were also hit hard.

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Zhang Shuwei said that during the violent beating of Wu Dongyan, he tore his suit and vest. Wu Dongyan smiled wryly when he saw this, "No one would wear this clothes to fight." But at the end of the filming of the whole fighting scene, Zhang Shuwei and Wu Dongyan He fell directly to the ground to rest, and admitted that he was really exhausted and had no strength. The next day, both of them found bruises all over their bodies.

Wu Dongyan said that recently his wife Bai Jiaqi would wait for him to finish work to give him a massage, and would even encourage him with her experience of acting as a villain and become his loyal audience, which moved him very much.

Wu Dongyan (later) held Xie Jingying hostage in "The Rich in the Market", and frankly said that life seemed to come to an end.

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Xie Jingying, who was held hostage in the play, said that when Wu Dongyan pointed a gun at her, she cried bitterly when she entered the play and felt that "life has come to an end". Wu Dongyan felt uncomfortable with the end of the follow-up. She said that these few scenes were too solid and heartbreaking.

Forrest Gump, who played the role of a criminal policeman, said that in this highlight scene, more than 10 actors ran back and forth in the parking lot, almost all sprinting with all their strength. They ran for more than 1 kilometer, which made him more tiring than being a soldier.

And Forrest Gump, who had an old knee injury, even took painkillers that day before starting to run, but unexpectedly, he was still injured.

Zhou Yurou showed off her recently practiced acting and acting skills, showing full results of her training with every punch and kick.

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