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Asen Blatechki does not hide that he has a new woman by his side and is happy in love after his breakup with Dilyana Popova

Dilyana Popova is one of the most beautiful Bulgarian models. She was born on September 24, 1981 in the city.

Acquaintances reveal that he even lived with his wife under the same roof.

Living together on a family basis with his lady reflected very well.

The actor no longer felt lonely because there was someone to keep him warm during the long nights, writes Weekend.

Blatechki had a hard time experiencing that his relationship with Dilyana had failed, but after some time he realized that it was for the best.

The model admitted that both of them have difficult characters, that's why they didn't get along well.

They often got into scandals, and their son Boril also suffered from this.

As of today, however, they maintained normal relations for the sake of the child and left the troubles in the past.

Alena: The love between Asen Blatechki and Dilyana Popova has finally ended

The actor has an 8-year-old son from Popova, but even the little boy could not keep them together.

His older daughter from his ex-wife Katerina is already a student in London.

So far, all of the artist's relationships have failed with a bang, but maybe this one will stand the test of time and life's tests.

Assen recently turned 52.

He told friends that he no longer had the strength and desire to change wives, but wanted to build a family nest.

His current partner was ideal for this purpose, because she understood his situation, understood his profession and was not jealous of his female colleagues.

She is not known in the public space, and Blatechki does not reveal much about her identity.

The artist is already middle-aged, but he tries to keep himself in shape for his younger girlfriend.

He works out regularly to keep his belly flat and gets Botox in his forehead to smooth out wrinkles.

As an artist, Blatechki is vain and doesn't care how he looks.

Asen Blatechki cuddles with Aileen from "The Bachelor"

After her breakup with the popular actor, Dilyana Popova

Dilyana Popova is one of the most beautiful Bulgarian models. She was born on September 24, 1981. There is also a new man in town - restaurateur Lachezar Zahariev.

He ran a popular beach bar at the Gradina campsite for years.

It was there that he met the blue-eyed beauty.

The businessman had liked her for a long time - as soon as he realized that she was no longer tied down, he immediately took steps towards rapprochement.

His courtship was crowned with success and his model stopped.

"Yes, we have been together with Lachezar for two years and I am happy.

I can only say this because I have always avoided giving out details about my personal life.

It's just that now I am not only loved, but also at peace.

And this is the thing that Asen and I failed to achieve, precisely this calmness.

Maybe the reason is in the characters, I don't know", commented Popova.

It became clear who Dilyana Popova's new lover is

The model shared that she has not yet married.

Blatechki also did not believe in the institution of marriage, and coexistence on a family basis with the new lady of his heart completely satisfied him.

Dilyana Popova

Asen Blatechki