For the beauty's "wronged peace" remarks, Chicken Paimei (left) couldn't bear to choke.

(Composite photo; photo by Facebook and reporter Wang Yisong)

[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] The host Yu Meiren was invited by Terry Gou to give a speech in Zhubei recently. When talking about former President Ma Ying-jeou’s visit to China, he said: "No matter how wronged he is, he is peace." His words attracted many voices of opposition Not only was she ridiculed by Wang Haoyu for her divorce, but earlier "Chicken Pai Girl" Zheng Jiachun (now known as Zheng Caiyun) couldn't bear to open her mouth. She bombarded Yu Meiren's election declaration, "It's comparable to Tamsui grandma and asked me to choose."

Yu Meiren set up a new fan special for the election.

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Chicken Paimei posted on Facebook, a fan page newly established by the beauty for the election, and saw that it wrote "I opened a new fan page for the election, and we will keep this field from being disturbed by the election." After reading the copy The chicken chop girl "intimate" helped Yu Meiren to comment: "I want to be elected as a legislator, but I don't want the election to be affected. I am a fan of the entertainment industry and a live broadcast."

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Chicken Paimei posted writer Xie Zhiqiao's point of view in the message area.

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Chicken Paimei even posted the writer Xie Zhiqiao in the comment area. Regarding the beauty's views on the election of the legislator, Xie Zhiqiao thought, "Yu Meiren is really pitiful. She is about to be 60 years old. She has nothing to do to let the whole of Taiwan know that her brain is not good." , He advised all elders to take a warning, "The popularity and assets you hold now are not necessarily because you are great, but because in Taiwan at that time, the channels for obtaining resources were scarce and uneven, and some people were lucky. It’s not because you’re so great that you’re not what you are today.”

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