Mao Hamasaki couldn't hide his excitement when he happened to meet wild Edison Chen.

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[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] The 29-year-old popular Japanese AV actress Mao Hamasaki has started a slash life in recent years. In addition to filming, she has also become a professional DJ. She even once won the 11th place in the "World's Sexiest DJ 2021" ranking.

Recently, she went to perform at a nightclub in Central, Hong Kong, and happened to meet Hong Kong star Edison Chen. Excited, she turned into a fan and took a photo with her idol. Her shy expression was also exposed in the community.

Chen Guanxi (left) and the popular AV actress Hamasaki Mao photo.

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Hamasaki Mao, who has not visited Hong Kong for many years, first arrived at the destination to eat delicious food, then took pictures everywhere, even the phone booth on the roadside was her studio, and then she even took time to go to the fashion store opened by Edison Chen in Central to participate in the Activity.

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Even the telephone booth on the side of the road has become her studio.

(reposted from IG)

Unexpectedly, Edison Chen himself was also at the scene, which made it difficult for her to hide her excitement. She covered her face with excitement on the spot. In the end, she couldn't help taking a few photos together, and her happiness was completely written on her face.

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