Hu Hongda worked hard to lose 6 kilograms in one month (right in the picture), and now his cheeks are thin and stylish. The picture on the left shows his round and fleshy face at the end of January this year.

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[Reporter Lin Nangu/Taipei Report] Actor Hu Hongda of the local drama once played the director of the world's western restaurant Michael in the 8 o'clock file of FTV "Golden Years". He is a girl, happy to live in the girls' dormitory, sweetly shouting how happy he is.

Because the eldest daughter is about to get married, Hu Hongda said frankly that both his wife and daughter want him to be a handsome officiant at the wedding, and to be more competitive at work in the future, hoping that he can lose weight. In one month on the 28th, the weight decreased from 81 kg to 75 kg, and the goal of losing 6 kg was achieved.”

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After the news was exposed, Hu Hongda revealed that many friends and fans left private messages and asked how to do it?

He did not hide his secrets and made it public, "Practice the 168 weight loss method, eat only lunch and dinner for two meals a day (strictly control the amount of food and calories), plus exercise, including intermittent exercise. Walk 3 kilometers, run 2 kilometers, and then Walk 3 kilometers, and then run 2 kilometers", thinking that it is best for the body to lose fat and weight in the most natural and healthy way.

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