[Reporter Li Shaoling/Taipei Report] Wu Dongyan, Zeng Ziyi, Lai Qianhe, Li Youru, and Yan Xiaoyun interpreted villains in FTV's 8 o'clock file "The Rich in the Market". Today (28th) they appeared in Dadaocheng to parade in the streets to repent, attracting a lot of attention Few people stopped to watch, Zeng Ziyi's Hong Kong wife Cheng Weiyun loves to accompany her. She said bluntly in the interview: "I would rather play the villain's husband and be beaten in the drama than have a kissing scene." The couple even kissed in public, blinding the audience.

Zeng Ziyi (left)'s Hong Kong wife Cheng Weiyun said bluntly: I would rather play the villain's husband and get beaten in the play than have a kissing scene.

(Photo by reporter Hu Shunxiang)

Zeng Ziyi said that his wife knew that the audience in Taiwan hated him so much that they hated him. Some people said that if they met him, they would throw eggs at him, which scared his wife to prepare an extra clean shirt for him. He can change clothes at any time. He said: " My wife also said that I can help cover the eggs at any time, otherwise I am afraid that the photo will not look good." Zeng Ziyi was very moved.

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Wu Dongyan bears 2 lives in the play. He said that it is the first time he plays a villain, and he spent a lot of time adjusting his heart, especially many of the lines are words that are usually impossible to say. He has to take a deep breath and adjust before acting, revealing that he is deeply involved in the play. Viewers leave messages on his social media: "Wu Dongyan, you are a bastard." If there are emotional comments, he will reply: "It might be better to replace Wu Dongyan with the character Lee Chenglong."

The villains of "The Rich in the Market" paraded the streets to beg for mercy and build momentum, Wu Dongyan (from left), Li Youru, Lai Qianhe, Yan Xiaoyun, Zeng Ziyi.

(Photo by reporter Hu Shunxiang)

Wu Dongyan mentioned that there is a scene in the play where he asked his wife Xie Jingying to help him change shoes. In order to stimulate his wife's old love Zhang Shuwei, he actually asked his wife to kneel down to change shoes, and even deliberately kicked his feet to make her fall. He said At that time, when I read the script, I shouted: "Oh my god! It's good or bad!" He admitted that he also thought that the character Jackie Chan was very bad. , to restore a happy mood.”

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