Wu Kangren performed Atom Bonnie's new song MV.

(Courtesy of Warner Music)

[Reporter Yang Xinhan/Taipei Report] Atomic Bonnie released the MV for the new song "Give Me a Cup of Happy Water" and strongly invited Wu Kangren to be the leading actor. The lead singer Cha Cha personally called to offer the invitation, thanking the male god for his support.

The MV for this song is directed by Yin Zhenhao, with Wu Kangren and Cai Jingyan as the leading actors and actresses. When Atom Bonnie learned that the heroine was Cai Jingyan, she said happily: "We are horror movie lovers, so watching "Curse" is very enjoyable. I really like it. Hua (Cai Jingyan)'s acting skills."

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Atomic Bonnie shot the new song MV, Wu Kangren (left) and Cai Jingyan (second from left) performed across the knife.

(Courtesy of Warner Music)

Atomic Bonnie shared that she was deeply impressed by the scene of Wu Kangren being besieged in the MV. In order to be realistic, Wu Kangren rolled on the ground dedicatedly.

In line with the MV plot, the baseball player played by Wu Kangren gave up due to an accident, and the heroine Cai Jingyan is the other half who has been supporting him all the time.

Wu Kangren starred in the MV, playing the character who was beaten up.

(Courtesy of Warner Music)

The irony is that the baseball that once made Wu Kangren shine is now a tool for atrocities. He smashed the store with a baseball bat and beat people, until he was chased and beaten until he was covered in blood, and he sat on the ground limply , and saw the word "Original Intention" written on the baseball bat again, and suddenly felt remorse and sadness.

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