Takeru Sato showed off his professionalism in the sideshow of the advertisement, introducing himself as the spokesperson of the tea advertisement in Chinese.

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[Reporter Zhong Zhijun/Taipei Report] Japanese male god Takeru Sato came to Taiwan to film a tea commercial on March 27. Thousands of fans crowded the Taoyuan Airport, just to see the idol in person; the tea commercial footage he filmed was officially exposed yesterday, 2 minutes 55 In the second video, it can be seen that Takeru Sato greeted him cordially with the Taiwanese "Dial thick (Hello everyone)", and even made a wish to pack Taiwanese tea back to Japan, looking super cute.

Takeru Sato took over the endorsement of Taiwanese tea this time, and visited Taiwan again after 3 years, and his popularity is undeniable. Tea with good texture, a beautiful encounter with precious tea products.

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Takeru Sato greeted his fans in Taiwanese, and recalled the grand occasion of the airport pick-up. He said: "I didn't expect so many people to pick me up at the airport, which made me feel very warm and happy!" The Taiwanese staff treated him meticulously The attitude is also highly appreciated.

In the video, Takeru Sato displayed his professionalism, tried to introduce himself as the spokesperson of the tea advertisement in Chinese, and even challenged to read the brand's annual slogan "Meeting is so intriguing" in Chinese, and repeatedly confirmed the pronunciation to the staff on the side. His sincere appearance moved everyone.

The ad, which will feature a cinematic aesthetic, premieres in May.

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