If anal bleeding is combined with stool frequency or habit changes, unexplained abdominal pain, etc., you should seek medical attention as soon as possible; the picture is a photo of the situation, and the people in the picture are not related to this article.

(Provided by Urilin New Hospital)

[Reporter Lin Minzhen/Taichung Report] Anal bleeding is often considered to be hemorrhoids and anal fissures, but Liu Tianyu, director of colorectal surgery at Wu Rilin New Hospital, suggested that it should be checked by a colorectal specialist, especially if anal bleeding is combined with stool frequency or habit changes, If you have abdominal pain of unknown cause, blood in the stool is mixed in the stool instead of on the surface, and you are a family member of a colorectal cancer patient, you must be vigilant.

According to statistics from the Department of Health, colorectal cancer has been the fourth leading cause of cancer death in Taiwan over the years, and has risen to third in recent years. In terms of cancer incidence, colorectal cancer has ranked first among the top 10 cancers for 15 consecutive years, ranking first every year. More than 6,000 lives were lost.

The National Health Administration also pointed out that early colorectal cancer is easy to cure, and the 5-year survival rate is over 90%. Regular screening every two years can reduce the late incidence rate by 29% and the mortality rate by 35%.

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Liu Tianyu said that colorectal cancer is a cancer with a slow course of disease. As long as it is detected and treated early, it will definitely have good results and even be cured.

However, there are almost no symptoms in the early stage, and it must be discovered through regular health checkups. Some familial colorectal polyposis can also turn into colorectal cancer. It is recommended:

1. Asymptomatic over the age of 50: do a detailed colorectal examination at least every 3 years.

2. Family history of colorectal cancer: The whole family is a high-risk group and should be screened immediately.

3. Those suffering from colorectal diseases: they should cooperate with colorectal specialists, receive appropriate treatment, and conduct regular follow-up examinations.

Liu Tianyu pointed out that the general treatment of hemorrhoids includes conservative therapy (maintenance), injection therapy, red inner ray heat therapy, rubber band ligation and surgical therapy.

Among them, surgery patients only account for 1/10 of the medical population, and most patients can achieve their goals through outpatient treatment. Most of the symptoms of hemorrhoids will be relieved on their own, but they are easy to recur. The purpose of treatment should be to relieve symptoms first, and choose a safer and more reliable method. .

In addition, there are still many folk remedies in the market, such as dry therapy, cryotherapy, etc., whose treatment effect is not good, and there may be serious sequelae, so do not try them.

Colorectal surgeon Liu Tianyu said that colorectal cancer is not a terminal disease, as long as it is detected and treated at an early stage, it will definitely have a good result and even be cured.

(Provided by Urilin New Hospital)

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