Google held an earnings meeting today. CEO Sundar Pichai announced in advance the key points of the upcoming I/O Developers Conference on May 10th. He streamlined the location and listed 3 items. At the same time, a meeting photo posted on Twitter is even more suspected of making Pixel The Fold foldable phone has been exposed.

Sundar Pichai said: "At Google I/O, we will update how we are using AI technology across various products, including Pixel devices, and the latest Android development that we are looking forward to." Although he did not disclose details, however In order to keep up with this wave of AI trends, Google will obviously spend more time focusing on software technology.

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Looking forward to our Q1 earnings call soon! https://t.co/6taB6Wj7rR pic.twitter.com/ZFomlkVddw

— Sundar Pichai (@sundarpichai) April 25, 2023

In addition, Sundar Pichai also uploaded a photo of the meeting on Twitter. The foreign media "9to5google" found that the mobile phone next to the silver laptop at the lower left has special post-processing blurring. It is suspected that it may be the unpublished Pixel Fold folding mobile phone, but The picture is not clear, and no information can be obtained yet.

Comprehensive foreign news, the Google I/O Developers Conference will announce the new version of Android 14 and various Google service updates. Three new products will be released on the same stage, such as the mid-range mobile phone Pixel 7a, tablet computer Pixel Tablet and the first The folding phone Pixel Fold.

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