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The star of the hit films about Harry Potter - Daniel Radcliffe became a father.

The 33-year-old actor and his longtime partner Erin Darke were spotted out and about with the newborn in New York. 

The gender of the baby has not yet been officially announced, reports "Daily Mail".

Radcliffe was pushing a baby carriage, which was covered and the newborn was not on display for the prying eyes of passers-by. 

Well I can't believe it Harry Potter is now a DAD huge congratulations to Daniel Radcliffe for becoming a father for the first time I've always thought he is such a down to earth guy this is wonderful news #DanielRadcliffe #HarryPotter pic.twitter .com/3vbqPfj6Gj

— Lee Hood (@Mofoman360) April 25, 2023

The star and his 38-year-old girlfriend, with whom they have been together for more than 10 years, shared a few weeks ago that they are excited about the fact that they will be parents. 

The actor who played Harry Potter is expecting his first child

"Harry Potter"