Some experts believe that Meghan Markle's absence from this event will help Harry to establish contact with his relatives, especially his father and brother.

Prince William and Prince Harry / Photo: Associated Press

But not everyone is of the same opinion.

Princess Diana's former confidante Paul Burrell said that the Duke of Sussex will appear at the coronation in a matter of hours and will fly back to the United States the same day.

"He's going because his father wants him to be there. His father will be delighted that both his sons will witness this incredible day in his life," Mr Barrell said, according to express.

"I think he'll get a very cold reception from the Windsors and sit ten rows back. He won't see his brother or father during that time."

King Charles III / Photo: Associated Press

It is already known for certain that Prince Harry will not stay at the concert in honor of the coronation on Sunday, but will hurry home to his family.

Recall that his son Archie's birthday falls on the same day as the coronation on May 6, and it is reported that the Duke may wish to return home quickly to celebrate the occasion.

Shortly before the coronation, King Charles gave the title of Prince and Princess to Meghan and Harry's children.

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