Fierce fight between snakes, know who won...

Dangerous Fight Between Two Snakes:

Snakes...whose name itself gives goosebumps to most of the people.

Think what if he comes in front?

As such, there are many species of snakes (snake viral video), some of which are so dangerous that any animal or human being can put to death with one blow.

Usually, giant snakes depend on insects around human settlements or on insects to fill their stomachs, but many times they are seen openly asserting their supremacy.

Recently, a similar video is surfacing on social media, in which two giant snakes are seen fighting fiercely by hugging each other on the floor of the restaurant.

watch video here

First time I see something like this!

Are they dancing or fighting?

— The Figen (@TheFigen_) April 15, 2023

Seeing this video which is becoming increasingly viral, surely you too will get goosebumps.

Users are also shocked to see this amazing video.

In the video, two cobra snakes are seen hugging each other and fighting in a dangerous way.

The surprising thing is that during this time the people present in the restaurant and passing around also do not pay any special attention to those snakes.

This video has been shared on the social media platform Twitter (Instagram) with the handle @TheFigen_, which is being seen and shared a lot. 

The video of just 51 seconds of snakes has so far received 372K views on the Internet, while more than 1 thousand people have liked the video.

Users who have seen the video are giving more than one reaction on it.

One user wrote, 'Two snakes are fighting with each other to save their territory.'

Another user wrote, 'Snakes are dancing happily.'

On the other hand, watching the video, users are telling it very dangerous and terrible too. 

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