"Blessings from the Sea" won the German iF Design Award.

(Provided by Ping County Government)

[Reporter Cai Zongxian/Pingtung Report] In Pingtung County, after the Pingtung Lantern Festival in recent years, environmental art has often been an award indicator. The affirmation of the iF Design Award makes the artistic creation integrated into Pingtung shine internationally.

The Hengchun Peninsula has a unique mountain breeze in winter, and the "Mountain Wind Art Season" that incorporates artistic creation has won the Silver Award of the Muse Design Award in the last year, and won the Platinum and Silver Awards of the Muse Design Award this year. The church work "Blessing from the Sea" also won the German iF Design Award.

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"Heart Tribe" won the "Muse Design Award" in the United States.

(Provided by Ping County Government)

"Mountain, Sandstorm and Underground Dragon" created by artist Tsang Yukun of "Mountain Wind Art Season", imagining the sharp mountains protruding from the low and gentle hills of the Hengchun Peninsula, like the dorsal fin of a huge dragon dormant in the ground, guarding this beautiful land, and also won a silver medal. prize.

In addition, in 2021, space artist Zhu Zhikang created the work "Blessings from the Sea", which also won the German iF Design Award this year.

"Mountain, Sandstorm and Dragon Underground" created by Zeng Yujin won the Muse Design Award.

(Provided by Ping County Government)

In the art festival on the slope, the great artist created the "Tribe of Heart" to show the vitality of the tribe. The overall design plan is full of meaning and inspiration. Award" affirmed; "Heart Tribe" was created by Pingtung Paiwan artists Xu Shengfang Reseres‧Tjaruzaljum and Dabi Ulan.

Guller worked together to create, describing the shape of a meteor falling like a seed, which grows and sprouts here, blooms and bears more seeds and abundant life here, in order to look forward to this new world in the future becoming a base for the gathering and nurturing of humanities .

Pingtung County Mayor Zhou Chunmi said that the falling mountain wind is a unique climate in Hengchun Peninsula. The falling mountain wind art season with wind art as the main axis, using works to communicate with the falling mountain wind, and conveying infinite creativity through tangible art has become the most popular tourism in Pingtung. Experience; while the slope brand art series promotes artistic creation, ethnic language revitalization, cultural preservation and promotion through multiple forms, so that the life and culture of the ethnic group can be passed on forever, and the indigenous art creation talents are supported, successfully letting the tribal life art be seen by the world .

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