He Yuwen broke the news on the show that he had witnessed actors and staff perform live erotica.

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[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] After the 46-year-old actress He Yuwen divorced Shao Tiancheng in 2020, she often appeared on various variety shows. A few days ago, she broke the news on the show that she had witnessed actors and staff in the drama circle stage live erotic palaces , even more surprisingly, revealing that he and the variety show king also had an inside story about sleeping with each other.

He Yuwen (left) broke the news that he once had an appointment with the king of variety shows, and the other party was Wu Zongxian (right).

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He Yuwen broke the news on the show "Variety Show Hotspot" a few days ago. He once witnessed a certain actor and staff performing a live erotic palace. After the event, the two fell asleep. It's here!" Then she said even more amazingly that she had an appointment with the king of variety shows. He Yuwen revealed that she had just given birth at the time, and her figure was very sexy. She was invited to appear on the location show, because she and the other party were both senior artists, and they were next to each other during the trip Sitting together, there are endless topics to talk about.

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He Yuwen was very grateful for Wu Zongxian's thoughtful and warm gesture at that time.

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At night, because the lights in the room were flickering, He Yuwen was afraid, so she knocked on the door of the heavenly king for help in the middle of the night, asking for help, and the heavenly king was Wu Zongxian. At that time, Wu Zongxian was afraid of being misunderstood, so he said without hesitation, " No." Then he said to He Yuwen earnestly, "You come in, I know it's nothing, but I don't know what other people think. Even if you get married and have Xiao Han, others will still think about it." Finally, warmly ask the service staff to watch At the door of He Yuwen's room, she said that Brother Xian's actions made her very grateful, and she still has a deep impression on her.

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