Salman Khan's 'Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan'

New Delhi:

Salman Khan's famous dialogue is 'Main Dil Mein Aata Hoon, Samjh Mein Nahi', was quite a hit.

But times have changed and sentiments have also changed.

In such a situation, Bhaijaan has to understand that only South remake or such a film cannot be embraced by the audience which neither comes in the heart nor in the understanding.

Seeing 'Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan', it seems like this.

After four years, Salman Khan made a big comeback on Eid, but he could neither live up to the test of the fans nor the box office.

In such a situation, it seems that Salman Khan is losing his grip on the kingship of the box office.

Let's have a look that what are the five shortcomings in the life of someone who is someone's brother the most.

1. Actors are needed in co-stars, not friends

Salman Khan is not taking his co-stars seriously at all.

An example of this is the family member seen with someone's brother in someone's life.

Earlier, its glimpse has also been found in films like Radhe, Last and Jai Ho.

A strong team lays the foundation for a great film.

Salman Khan should not give a chance to his close friends but to artists.

2. Director should also be solid

Fans want to see Salman Khan either as an action man or as a family man.

Someone's brother was in someone's life, both of them were there.

But director Farhad Samji proved to be weak in the matter of direction, and the whole game was played on the star power of Salman Khan.

The same happened with him regarding Bachchan Pandey as well.

That too was a remake of South and Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan was also a remake of South film Veeram.

The fate of both was bad.

3. Story is the soul of the film

If you look at Salman Khan's hit films, then Ek Tha Tiger, Dabangg, Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Wanted are seen, then they include South's remake and original movie.

But his story used to connect with the audience.

Brother's star power was there but along with it the story also established his character.

Used to show its nuances and used to connect the multiplex audience with the mass audience. 

4. Brother do some acting

Bhaijaan Salman Khan has to understand that along with starpower, acting is also an important part of a film.

The film cannot be made in pieces.

For him, there is also a game of careful acting and expressions.

All this is someone's brother in someone's life except Jagapati Babu and Venkatesh, then it is very difficult to see in the rest.

5. Salman Khan has to understand the pulse of the audience

It seems that Salman Khan has been believing in making his own kind of films for some time now.

He has not been able to understand the changed mood of the audience after the lockdown.

The audience has gone ahead with time, but most of our Bollywood stars are still serving the old masalas to the audience.

For this reason, they are losing at the box office.

That's why Bhaijaan should understand this thing.