Daoduan Jessica was released on drug charges, but her husband was arrested.

(Reposted from Japanese Net)

[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] Japanese mixed-race supermodel Jessica Michibata (Jessica Michibata) was arrested last month for possessing drugs with her Taiwanese-American husband Gao Kailin in a Tokyo hotel. However, her husband was arrested on suspicion of smuggling the synthetic anesthetic MDMA (ecstasy) in violation of the special law on anesthetics.

The 38-year-old Daoduan and her 46-year-old husband stayed at a hotel in Roppongi, Tokyo in March. The police found ecstasy from the room where they stayed.

Today, the Tokyo District Prosecutor formally issued a non-prosecution sanction against Dao Duan. Dao Duan's brokerage company issued a statement, pointing out that Dao Duan cooperated with all inspections during his arrest, and was finally determined to have nothing to do with the case.

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Dao Duan's brokerage company statement.

(Reposted from Japanese Net)

Dao Duan also issued a statement, thanking the outside world for their encouragement and support during this period. She expressed her sincere apology for the fact that her husband was sued, which worried relevant people and fans and caused everyone trouble.

She will face it with her husband in the future, and cherish the time spent with her husband and daughter's family of three.

It is said that her husband Gao Kailin is the second generation of rich people, and his father Gao Minhuan was born in Nantou. He is one of the founders of Garmin, an old GPS brand in the United States. Yuan).

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