World Earth Day: World Earth Day is celebrated on 22 April. 

World Earth Day 2023:

World Earth Day is also called International Mother Earth Day.

This day is celebrated every year on 22 April.

The purpose of celebrating Earth Day is to make people aware of environmental protection and how the environment can be saved from damage.

The most important thing in environmental protection is to focus on protecting the earth more than exploiting it and living a sustainable and eco-friendly life as much as possible so that the earth can remain happy and blooming green like us.

You cannot protect the environment just by planting trees, but there are many such habits and things that can be done to save the environment or to take care of the environment.

You can do the work of saving the earth by keeping some common things in mind during the trip. 

Earth saving travel tips 

traveling by public transport 

The more vehicles are used, the more air pollution occurs and the more fuel is spent.

In such a situation, if you use more and more public vehicles while traveling, then you are also taking advantage of the earth and environmental protection will also take place. 

say no to plastic 

During the trip, try to use the least amount of plastic things.

If you want, you can leave home with paper plates, wooden spoons and paper bags etc.

A little stuff can be heavy for you, but this will save you from using plastic. 

Buy Artifacts Wisely 

If any one of us goes somewhere on a trip, it is obvious that he brings something from there as a memory.

In such a situation, try not to buy anything from wildlife artifacts.

Anything that is made from any part of animals, made by torturing them or if there is any animal that is going extinct, do not buy things made from their body parts. 

sharing living space 

Everyone likes their personal space, but if we go on a trip and stay in a hotel somewhere near the mountains or rivers, then our effort can be to try to save the environment there and cause minimal damage to it. .

For this, you can live by sharing the living space, which will save your money, as well as reduce the damage to the environment, use less fuel in the room, save electricity and reduce the mess.

If friends etc. are together then there is less problem in sharing. 

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