High Cholesterol Symptoms: High cholesterol is often called the silent killer.

Sign of High Cholesterol:

We all know that many problems arise due to increase in cholesterol level in the body.

Did you know that your feet, eyes and tongue can give you signals that your cholesterol level is on the rise?

Yes, when your cholesterol level is getting out of control, then be alert about the visible changes in the body, but do not panic.

Cholesterol is a waxy-looking fat (produced by your liver) that is found in the blood.

It helps in making cells and makes vitamins and other hormones.

High cholesterol is often called the silent killer as there are no symptoms in its early stages.

When things get out of control, high cholesterol can lead to events like stroke or heart attack due to plaque buildup.

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What is the cause of high cholesterol?

(Causes Of High Cholesterol)

It is related to lifestyle habits.

Eating foods high in fat can effectively increase the LDL cholesterol level in your blood.

This is known as high cholesterol, which is called hypercholesterolemia.

Changes seen in the body due to high cholesterol:

  • fast heartbeat and heart problems

  • high blood pressure

  • Diabetes getting out of control.

  • chest pain or angina

  • walking pain

Symptoms of High Cholesterol In The Eyes

Symptoms of high cholesterol can be seen in the eyes.

Your vision may become blurred, dark lines or spots may appear in the eyes and there may be pain in the eyes.

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Symptoms of High Cholesterol in the Legs |

Symptoms of High Cholesterol in the Legs

A build-up of cholesterol in the arteries of your legs and feet can lead to a fatal condition called peripheral artery disease (PAD).

Symptoms associated with PAD can be pain in the leg during exercise.

Other signs may include - Changes in your feet that often occur in the nails and skin.

signs of cholesterol in the tongue |

Signs of Cholesterol in the Tongue

The tongue can also be affected by high cholesterol.

These appear when small bumps on the surface of the tongue become enlarged and discolored.

Beware of this symptom.

Measures to control cholesterol.

Ways To Control Cholesterol Level

Maintain a healthy weight

Cut out trans fats


Eat a diet rich in fiber

Choose olive oil

Some spices are also beneficial

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