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Last month, a first-generation iPhone caught the attention of the outside world on the auction site!

The final bid price was as high as 40,000 US dollars (about 1.22 million yuan). In addition to the complete packaging, there is also a rare "Lucky You" sticker, and now the winner is officially announced!

The bid was won by Marques Brownlee, a world-renowned tech YouTuber with 16.8 million subscribers.

Marques Brownlee filmed the unboxing video. The first-generation iPhone was sent by the auction site in an oversized wooden box. To open the box, you must first have an electric screwdriver, and then there is Styrofoam and carton protection inside. You can only see it after removing the layers of protection. To the iPhone box, and the most special thing this time is a red sticker of "Lucky you", which was not available in Apple products sold in the past.

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After checking with Apple officials by Marques Brownlee, this sticker has a lot of background!

Needed to go to an Apple retail store in 2007 and ask for gift wrapping when purchasing to get it.

In addition, some netizens added that this sticker cannot be seen from the factory. It can only be found when you go to the Apple store and have it posted by the store staff, which is why it is so rare.

Marques Brownlee pointed out that he has seen many creators and netizens buy the first-generation iPhone, but it is extremely rare to find a product that is truly "unopened" and fully packaged, and the market is full of various scams.

The first-generation iPhone he bought won the bid for US$40,320, and it is reported that the market price falls between US$40,000 and US$60,000.

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