At this year's Watches and Wonders (Watches and Wonders) exhibition, I was surprised to see many new sports watches!

A sports watch that can accompany you up and down the mountain is the best adventure partner.

At the Watches and Wonders exhibition in 2023, it is obvious that many brands are striving for breakthroughs in terms of materials and functions, so that watches can perform powerful functions in any outdoor sports, and with fashionable designs, they can also be easily integrated into daily wear , calmly deal with various occasions!

Montblanc Zero Oxygen watch challenges the peak

Whether it is brand naming or product design, Montblanc is closely related to the theme of mountains. Among them, the 1858 series born for adventure activities best represents the brand's determination to constantly challenge the peak.

The newly launched 1858 series Geosphere World Time Chronograph Zero Oxygen Watch The 8000 Limited Edition 290, the inside of the case is treated with anaerobic treatment, which can not only eliminate the fogging of the watch that may occur when the temperature changes drastically at high altitudes, but also under zero oxygen conditions, The service life of watch parts is also longer, and the timekeeping is still accurate after a long time; each watch is accompanied by a certificate to ensure successful oxygen-free packaging.

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There are two 3D rotating globes on the dial, the northern hemisphere at 12 o'clock and the southern hemisphere at 6 o'clock. There are 14 orange dots in the northern hemisphere, marking the position of the 8,000-meter peak, surrounded by day and night indicators. The orange marks the Greenwich Meridian, which is convenient for setting the world time function.

The case back is engraved with 3D color laser engraved with the names and ridgelines of the 14 8,000-meter peaks climbed by mountaineering adventurer Nimsdai Purja, as well as his two inspirational quotes: "Don't be afraid to dream big!", "Giving up is not an option”, the watch is full of adventurous spirit from the inside out.

Montblanc used mountains as the theme at the Watches and Wonders exhibition to point out the origin of the brand.

(Photo by reporter Lin Xinruo)

Montblanc 1858 series Geosphere chronograph zero oxygen watch The 8000 limited edition 290, 308,100 yuan.

The case back is engraved with mountain ridgelines, Himalayan prayer flags and quotes from adventurers.

TUDOR diving black forces pay tribute to classics

Tudor (TUDOR) launched the first diving watch Oyster Prince Submariner in 1954, which is the brand's painstaking work in the field of diving watches for decades.

This year's new Black Bay watch still uses the original wine red bezel and 41 mm diameter, but the overall shape is thinner, and the side of the unidirectional rotating outer ring is easier to grasp. The outline of the outer ring is consistent, the crown is flush with the middle case, and the crown shaft is invisible, which is more ergonomic.

Another Black Bay 54 watch is a faithful replica of the Oyster Prince Submariner with a diameter of 37 mm. The unidirectional rotating outer ring without scale marks is also one of the classic designs, which reminds people of the booming scuba diving in the early 1950s. The lollipop-shaped second hand is reminiscent of the appearance of the original model; it is equipped with a new MT5400 movement under the retro appearance, and the waterproof depth reaches 200 meters. The innovative design of engineering principles is more modern.

TUDOR Black Bay 54 watch, 115,000 yuan.

TUDOR Black Bay watch, 142,000 yuan.

Rolex Titanium watch made for sailing

Lightweight and corrosion-resistant titanium is the most popular material for watches in recent years. Whether it is a gentleman's watch or a sports watch, it is used to create an unprecedented sense of lightness. Last year, Rolex launched the first case and strap made of RLX Although the Deepsea Challenge watch made of titanium started late, it immediately released the new Yacht-Master 42 RLX this year, which became the second titanium watch of the brand, which surprised watch fans.

As early as the 1950s, Rolex cooperated with the nautical industry and sailing events. In 1992, it launched the Yacht-Master series, which combines practical functions and nautical style, and is suitable for wearing whether on land or on water.

The brand-new Yacht-Master 42 replaces the case and strap with RLX titanium, and adopts two polishing processes, glossy and matte, to highlight meticulous details. The gear design of the high-tech ceramic bidirectional rotating outer ring is easy to grasp and rotate. Equipped with a 3235 movement, the power reserve is 70 hours.

Rolex Yacht-Master 42 watch, 467,000 yuan.

From the case to the strap, the Rolex Yacht-Master 42 watch has bright and matte surfaces interlaced, highlighting the meticulous polishing process.

A. Lange & Söhne's first self-winding chronograph

Lange (A. Lange & Söhne) launched the first stainless steel watch Odysseus in 2019, which is both dynamic and elegant, and has written a new definition for sports watches. This year, it added a timing function to retain the unique dial design of Odysseus. Lange has developed a special L156.1 DATOMATIC movement, which places the two chronograph hands in the center, and the chronograph dial and the red central chronograph second hand are designed with diamond-shaped tips, so that the chronograph can be discarded on the dial. The tradition of designing hour dials at 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock can retain Odysseus' unique large calendar display and day display.

In order to ensure the accuracy and ease of operation of the chronograph, Lange carefully selects buttons with dual functions and has been specially sealed. When the crown is in the normal position, the buttons at 2 o'clock and 4 o'clock can be used to operate the chronograph function. Including starting, stopping and reset to zero; when the crown is pulled out, the date and day of the week can be corrected.

A. Lange & Söhne Odysseus Chronograph, price to be determined.

The watch is equipped with the L156.1 DATOMATIC movement, which is the first self-winding chronograph movement of the Lange watch factory, providing a 50-hour power reserve.

Hermès plays with different materials

In 2021, Hermès launched the H08 series, with a round and square, balanced and contrasting appearance, giving sports watches a simple and smooth modern style.

The new H08 chronograph retains the characteristics of the pillow-shaped case and uses multiple materials to play a game of comparison. The outermost case is made of carbon fiber and graphene powder, showing the natural texture of carbon fiber; the top is satin-finished titanium metal The bezel, the soft corner treatment brings just the right balance to the masculine sports watch; the hour markers and the center of the dial are treated with black gold, and a circle of chronograph dials is carved in grooves on the inner side of the hour markers circle. The two chronograph subdials are presented in the same slightly concave manner. The overall layout of the dial is full of layers. Finally, the crown, scales and hands are decorated with orange representing the brand. In addition to pointing out the spirit of the brand, you can also clearly interpret various information on the dial.

The H08 contrasting color model launched at the same time, the case is made of aluminum-coated glass fiber and slate powder, giving the case a subtle silver reflection, which contrasts with the black ceramic bezel and crown to create a light and shadow effect.

The Hermes exhibition hall was created by the artist Clément Vieille, who combined various composite materials to design suspended sculptures, echoing the theme of Hermes watches this year.

Hermès H08 single-button chronograph, equipped with Hermès self-made H1837 self-winding mechanical movement, with a power reserve of 46 hours, 487,000 yuan.

Hermès H08 watches with contrasting colors are priced at 228,000 yuan each.

Courtesy of: A. Lange & Söhne, Hermès, Montblanc, Rolex, TUDOR

※Please refer to the announcement of each channel for the price of the product.

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