The ranking of the fastest 5G mobile phones in the United States has been reshuffled again.

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Ookla's Speedtest recently released the global 5G report for the first quarter of 2023. Among them, the ranking of the fastest 5G network speed mobile phones in the United States has been reshuffled again. Apple's iPhone 14 Pro Max is once again ranked behind in download speed, and the top three are Android flagships.

According to Speedtest’s latest survey for the United States (Q1 2023), with the launch of the Samsung S23 series, the ranking of mobile phones with the fastest 5G network speed has changed drastically. In terms of download speed, Samsung S23 Ultra ranks first with 161.86Mbps.

Samsung Z Fold 4 and Google Pixel 7 Pro followed closely behind, Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max was squeezed to fourth place, Samsung S22 Ultra ranked fifth; iPhone 14 Pro, which ranked fourth last quarter, fell out of the list.

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If you compare the upload speed, the first place is also Samsung S23 Ultra, and the other rankings are Google Pixel 7 Pro, Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max, Samsung Z Fold 4, and Samsung S22 Ultra.

In addition, in the report, in the 5G comprehensive performance items of mobile phone brands, Samsung ranked first, followed by Apple.

The above-mentioned survey results are also influenced by telecom companies. This report does not cover Taiwan, so you may wish to refer to it.

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