Taiwan's mobile phone sales were sluggish in March, but Apple still performed well.


The market research agency announced the latest survey of physical channels in Taiwan. In March 2023, the overall sales volume of Taiwan's mobile phone market was 330,000 units, a decrease of 55,000 units from the previous month, and sales fell another 19% from the previous month.

The mobile phone market is facing a tsunami, which has caused many operators to exclaim "unprecedented". According to the analysis of the chain Jiesheng Communication, the sales volume of Taiwan's mobile phone market plummeted in March, even worse than the 343,000 units in August last year. The main reason is that the epidemic situation was unblocked Afterwards, the number of people traveling abroad exploded. Judging from the latest statistics released by the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications, the number of outbound tourists in Taiwan in January and February was about 1.34 million. Chinese people would rather play with money.

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In addition, the impact of global inflation has intensified, and the cost of new phones has continued to increase. Consumers are faced with high prices for new phones, making replacements less powerful than before. Will the general distribution of 6,000 yuan help the next generation? If the mobile phone market is hot again, it needs to be observed again.

Taiwan's mobile phone best-selling list in March.

(Photo/Jie Sheng)

Observing the sales ranking of Taiwan's mobile phone market this month, even though the general environment is bleak, Apple is still far ahead. Both old and new iPhones dominate the list with 9 seats, and the champion is still held by the iPhone 14 Pro (256GB).

Although Samsung’s overall brand sales have also declined this month, the gap with Apple has narrowed. This month, it also occupies 7 seats. The A53 (8GB/256GB) with a price of 10,000 yuan maintains the second place, and the other specification A53 (8GB/128GB) It is also ranked 11th, but at present, almost all channels are in the end of clearance and there are not many stocks.

In addition, the Samsung S23 Ultra (12GB/256GB) ranks up into the top ten and is the most popular Android flagship phone this month; the new model is the 19th-ranked S23+ (8GB/256GB), which shows the sales performance of the S23 series Pretty bright.

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