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The Moon is in the sign of Aries until 07:31 on April 20

A period of increased mental and physical activity, purposefulness and optimism.

But easy irritability, aggressiveness, impatience, impulsiveness and temperament appear.

A dangerous time in which conflicts, arguments, emotional stress and resentment can arise.

Even the kindest and nicest person can turn into a rude person who doesn't care about the feelings of those around him.

Emotions are poorly controlled. 

Be careful with fire, beware of injuries with sharp objects.

The head, brain, eyes, teeth are vulnerable.

headaches become more frequent.

If it is not urgent, it is better to postpone going to the dentist.

Do not overload the vision and eyes.

The fundus are particularly weak.

Avoid wearing contact lenses, and if worn, do not leave them in the eyes for too long.

Chamomile compresses on the eyes work very well these days.

Lunar calendar: 29 lunar days from 06:22 on April 19 to 06:45 on April 20

One of the hardest days of the lunar month.

The struggle of the evil forces with the light ones.

This is the time of the black moonless nights when the astral fog thickens.

On this day, the dark forces on the astral level are activated.

Nothing new should be started, and even better nothing should be planned and important decisions should not be made.

In general, try to deal only with the most necessary.

Be careful, do not give in to illusions, deceptions and your fears.

It is necessary to refrain from negative emotions, it is good to forgive all offenses, do not accept anything inside yourself.

On this day, it is good to avoid fake relationships and contacts, mass events.

Don't be gullible.

Doubtful figures and facts must be checked.

Symbol of the day is the lotus - personification of the spiritual growth of man

Don't make big purchases.

By investing money, you risk everything going to waste.

Purchased items may turn out to be useless and unnecessary.

On this day, do not deal with anything other than usual and necessary household and life things.

Avoid traveling because accidents and unforeseen hazards are likely. 

It is recommended to cleanse the slag and the physical body as well.

Dairy food is good, meat should be avoided.

Avoid murky water and dark places.

Do not carry with you articles of horn and bone.

Constant protection is needed - through prayer, cleansing.

Relations on this day are tense, avoid clarifying them, entering into disputes and conflicts.

Be careful with the younger generation as they are very unstable now.

It's hard to control them.

Problems can also arise with older people. 

It is good to give up any kind of sexual activity.

Intimate relationships often lead to arguments, insults and sexually transmitted diseases.

A haircut on this day increases self-confidence.

It is desirable to have a very short haircut for those who are tired of the usual way of life and are planning big changes for the future.

Revamp your hair to make it work for you. 

It's good to have light everywhere around you.

In addition to electricity, it is good to have lighted candles and incense, to illuminate every dark corner.

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