Zhou Ziyu, a Taiwanese member of the South Korean girl group TWICE.

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[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] Zhou Ziyu, a Taiwanese member of South Korea's super-popular girl group TWICE, has always been a topical figure. She was once elected as the champion of "The World's Most Beautiful 100 People", and she is often on the popular vote list.

Recently, she has been very topical in Japan. After winning votes from netizens in one fell swoop, she ranked first in six rankings. Netizens raved: "There is no doubt about it."

Zhou Ziyu became popular in Japan and won the first place in the 6 charts.

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According to the Japanese website, Zhou Ziyu easily won the "Most Popular Member of TWICE", "Most Beautiful Member of TWICE", "Most Popular Female Idol of Kpop" and "Lovely Ranking of Kpop Female Idol Members" in the recent voting activities held in Japan. ", "The Most Beautiful Overseas Female Idol of All Time", and "Celebrities Born on June 14" ranked first in 6 rankings, and directly defeated the three Japanese members of their group, Sana, Momo, and Mina, with a high number of votes.

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Zhou Ziyu was appointed as the face of TWICE.

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In fact, Zhou Ziyu is the "front face" in TWICE. She is praised by netizens as the "maternal beauty". In addition to being the most beautiful in the world, Zhou Ziyu is also "2022 Most Beautiful Star" in "Nubia Magazine" ", while Taiwanese netizens saw her success in Japan and South Korea, and thought that "Taiwan Light" deserved its reputation.

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