The Duchess of Sussex's decision not to attend the coronation was influenced by the fallout from her husband Harry's memoir "The Spare", which came out in January.

Last week, it was announced that Harry would attend the king's coronation alone, while his wife would stay in California, which some saw as an affront to the royal family.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle / Photo: Associated Press

The coronation date also coincides with their son Prince Archie's fourth birthday, which others believe is the reason behind her decision.

However, public relations expert Mark Borkowski believes that Meghan's absence is related to the "damage" to the couple's reputation caused by Harry's memoirs, writes express.

"She kept her head down for a while. I suspect it's because of the hype surrounding the release of the Spare book, it caused a lot of debate and a huge uproar. The royal family refused to comment, so it became a one-sided whine and gut-wrenching story about his a life that did not find a proper response.

Prince Harry / Photo: Associated Press

According to the expert, Meghan believes that her participation in the coronation ceremony will not achieve anything and wants to pass by to focus on her brand.

"She has nothing to gain by disrupting the king's big day. She needs to step back. In the PR game, it's about choosing your battles and the strategy will be to skip the coronation. But Meghan and Harry's story goes far beyond Britain and the Commonwealth. Meghan must will definitely restart it. They cannot remain silent," says the expert.

Prince Harry and King Charles III / Photo: Associated Press

He added that the Sussexes will soon be back in the spotlight or risk becoming like Harry's great-grandfather King Edward VIII and his wife Wallis Simpson, for whom the king abdicated in 1936.

Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII / Photo: Associated Press

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