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TWICE's five-time world tour officially kicked off in Seoul yesterday (15th). Among them, Zhou Tzuyu's solo clip from Taiwan is the most memorable. Wearing a white trousers that shows off her good figure, she danced sexy and hot, and fans couldn't help it Screaming crazy forwarding.

Korean girl group TWICE's fifth world performance "Ready to be" started in Seoul on the weekend. It is expected to tour in Oceania, Japan and North American cities in the first half of the year. As early as the beginning of this year, when the news was released, fans everywhere were shocked. Rob, I just hope to be able to witness the charm of the idol's performance in person.

Yesterday was the first show of the tour held at the Seoul Dome. The nine members sang and danced with all their strength. Among them, Zhou Ziyu, a member of Taiwan, brought a solo solo. Not only good singing skills, good dancing skills, but also beautiful costumes It's hot and eye-catching.

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TWICE's 5th World Tour kicked off in Seoul yesterday, and Zhou Tzuyu's solo segment was well received.

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Zhou Ziyu's solo performance is "Done For Me". It can be seen from the photos and videos that she chose to wear a full set of white trousers. The upper body is a short suit vest, and the lower body is matched with white suit pants of the same fabric. Wearing a white wide-brimmed hat, he posed a few sexy poses and then threw the hat out. His handsome behavior caused fans to scream. So beautiful", "How can you dance so well", "Sister Ziyu is really beautiful".

At the beginning, Zhou Ziyu matched the white shape with a wide-brimmed hat of the same color, and then threw the hat handsomely, which immediately caused screams.

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The white shape contrasts with the Dancer in black.

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The tight-fitting short vest and suit pants perfectly showed Zhou Tzuyu's good figure and S-line.

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