Du Yuankun, the dean of Yida University, is a veritable patron saint of medical care on the outlying islands of Penghu.

(Provided by the Health Bureau of Penghu County Government)

[Reporter Liu Yuqing/Penghu Report] Penghu promotes the plan of famous doctors stationed in Penghu. President Du Yuankun not only opened Penghu outpatient clinics with famous orthopedic doctors, but also led the medical team of E-University to Penghu for free clinics. For more than ten years, this year, Wang’an, Qimei, Ji Bei Yi Clinic even donated simple vehicles to the third-level outlying islands to pick up and transport patients, becoming a veritable patron saint of outlying island medical care.

Chen Guangfu, the county magistrate, said that E-DA Medical has been deeply involved in Penghu for more than ten years. During the trip to Wang'an this year, the free clinic has entered the third-level outlying islands Dongyuping, Xiyuping and Dongji. Chen Guangfu expresses his heartfelt thanks for leading the free clinic team to Penghu every year to provide better medical services in remote and outlying islands.

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Dean Du Yuankun pointed out that E-DA Medical aims to "become the backer of the community" and has continued to provide free clinics in Penghu since 2004. The free clinic team also completed the milestone of providing free clinics in all second- and third-level outlying islands in Penghu this year.

At the same time, it also handles multiple services such as preventive health care group health education.

In addition, the outlying islands are limited by the geographical environment, and most of them are elderly people, who are not familiar with the application and acquisition of resources. Therefore, health policy advocacy stations such as organ donation and patient self-rights law have been added, and they are used during the outlying islands to communicate with them. Local health centers cooperate to provide social resource network links, financial assistance, and inspection and guidance on drug safety for the elderly living alone, poor families, and families on the edge of welfare.

Director of Health Chen Shujuan said that E-Da Hospital is a good partner in the medical care of the people in Penghu. Every year, it regularly travels across the sea to Penghu to hold free clinic tours to provide better medical care in remote villages and outlying islands, and jointly protect the health of the local people.

In addition to providing medical services, the Yida free clinic team also used the cooperation with the local health center to provide more assistance during the out-of-island period, so that the public can feel the warm and substantial care and care, which has been highly recognized by the people of Penghu.

The free clinic team of Yida completed the feat of free clinics on the second and third levels of outlying islands in Penghu this year.

(Provided by the Health Bureau of Penghu County Government)

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