Wen Zhenling (left), "Da Pei" Li Peiyu (right) played the daughters of Chen Zhusheng (second from left) and Lin Meixiu in "You Are My Sister".

(provided by Eight TV)

[Reporter Li Shaoling/Taipei Report] Wen Zhenling, "Da Pei" Li Peiyu, Zhang Xuanrui, Lin Meixiu, Chen Zhusheng, Lin Zhexi, Lin Siyu, and Xu Junhao attended the opening shots of the eight new TV series "You Are My Sister". Wen Zhenling appeared on the stage with explosive curly hair, It is very different from the previous visualization of Wenqing Goddess.

Wen Zhenling (left) plays Li Peiyu's younger sister in "You Are My Sister".

(provided by Eight TV)

Wen Zhenling played close friends with Da Pei in "She and Her" last year. Although they are sisters in "You Are My Sister" this time, there is a subtle love-hate relationship between the two parties, which will be compared in comparison. There is a sense of distance.

In Dapei's movie, she is both talented and beautiful, and enjoys the excellent 5-star aura that everyone admires and affirms, but she revealed: "Actually, in real life, I am a rambunctious youngest, so I have to make myself look like my sister." , It’s actually very interesting!” Da Pei said with a smile that he should only have 2.5 stars in private.

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Lin Meixiu and Chen Zhusheng play the parents of Wen Zhenling and Da Pei. Although they have been on the same stage many times, they have a tacit understanding. When asked if there will be an intimate scene between husband and wife, Lin Meixiu joked: "It's hard to say! Every time I say young There are a lot of intimate scenes with people, and it seems to be more romantic, but in fact, the intimate scenes are high when you are older!" Chen Zhusheng shared that he entered the filming scene during the performance, because of the scene and the atmosphere of the scene, he and Lin Meixiu may act on the spot at the right time, and at the same time Wen Zhenling and Da Pei's acting skills are full of confidence, "I believe that the two daughters are so smart that the director can continue to act without shouting!"

Xu Junhao, Zhang Xuanrui, Wen Zhenling, Chen Zhusheng, Lin Meixiu, "Da Pei" Li Peiyu, Lin Zhexi, Lin Siyu attended the opening of "You Are My Sister".

(provided by Eight TV)

Zhang Xuanrui plays Wen Zhenling's senior in the workplace. The two are happy friends. The interaction with each other is full of amusing and funny elements, and they will support each other. Zhang Xuanrui said: "In fact, Manduo is like how we get along in reality." Lin Zhexi is loyal to himself in the play. Influenced by the values ​​of the market, he will form an interesting contrast with Dapei, who demands perfection in the play.

Xu Junhao played the role of Wen Zhenling's university senior. The two met in the workplace many years later. He was once named by netizens and Wen Zhenling bumped into each other, like twins.

Lin Siyu played Xu Junhao's childhood sweetheart. She revealed the arrangement of the role: "The word 'childhood sweetheart' may worry the other half, and it may be dangerous." Lin Siyu said frankly that when reading the script, she felt that it was full of challenges. Get ready for comments from everyone.

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