The "Harry Potter" series written by the British writer JK Rowling (JK Rowling) only reported earlier this month that it is planning to shoot a new album version adaptation. Last (12) night, HBO's streaming platform HBO Max was pleasantly surprised through The community released the first trailer!

Warner Bros. then generously and publicly confirmed that it will launch a new ten-year series that will bring the wizarding world to the small screen.

The first trailer for the series version of "Harry Potter" has been released.

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"Harry Potter" album version has a score!

"At least 7 seasons" please return JK Rowling to return to Hogwarts

HBO Max released a teaser on the social platform last night. In less than a minute, the classic soundtrack of "Harry Potter" opened. Candles floating in the dark gradually released the words "Harry Potter", In the end, it ended with Hogwarts Castle, which is well known to magic fans; although this trailer did not disclose any information about the launch time, cast lineup, etc., it was only reported last week that Warner Pictures and JK Rowling are in the early stage of adapting the series. Negotiations, it is clear that the two parties have reached a consensus on the production of the album.

Warner said in a press release that the upcoming series will be a "decade-long" series, and they will also look for new cast members for the series: "The classic and much-loved original films will still be the core. At the same time, each season of the series will stay true to the original content and introduce Harry Potter and these amazing adventures to new audiences around the world." Casey Bloys, chairman of HBO & Max, added: "We are very happy An opportunity to take audiences through Hogwarts in a whole new way."

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JK Rowling also shared her participation in a statement, "Max's commitment to protecting the integrity of my books is very important to me, and I very much look forward to working on this new adaptation, which will provide a feature-length television series." Depth and detail that only exist.” Rowling’s first “Harry Potter” was released in 1997, and coincidentally, the final chapter of the series, “Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows II” was released ten years later. Published in 2007; although Max has not released a clear production and broadcast schedule, this adaptation that has been in the past for many years has naturally attracted the attention of many magic fans. Hurt", "HBO knows how to make albums, and I hope it can do well this time."

JK Rowling shared through a statement that she will also participate in the production of the adapted album.

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