23-year-old Zhou Ziyu announced in surprise that he was getting married.

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[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] Zhou Ziyu, a Taiwanese member of the South Korean girl group "TWICE", is extremely popular and is the goddess in the hearts of many fans. Recently, the 23-year-old herself announced that she is going to get married, which shocked all fans.

Zhou Ziyu was praised by the members as "the most beautiful bride" in the video of the MV shooting. She also joked that she would marry a fan.

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In the behind-the-scenes video of the new song "SET ME FREE" released by TWICE, it can be seen that Zhou Ziyu is wearing a full white off-the-shoulder long dress, and member Chaeyoung certified that she looks like the "most beautiful bride". When Ziyu was asked where she was going, She revealed: "I'm going to get married." The cute thing is that Tzuyu knew that she didn't make it clear, so she paused before saying: "I'm going to marry ONCE (TWICE fan name)! Tell me every time Marry me, the day has finally come!"

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Zhou Ziyu showed off her acting skills in the MV.

(recapped from YouTube)

In the new song, Tzuyu fully demonstrated her acting skills. Because she wanted to show the main theme of the song "Let Me Free", she played the role of a person who is bound by many red threads.

In addition, when filming the group dance scene, because Tzuyu made the action of "biting off the tied hands" so cute, he kept re-practicing and worked very seriously.

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