The queen of Jordan visited Japan to show her sincerity by dressing.

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Queen Rania of Jordan, known as "the most beautiful queen in the world", recently visited Japan with the king. When she met with the Japanese Prime Minister on the 11th, she changed into a "pink cherry blossom dress". The pink flowers are more like the most iconic cherry blossoms in Japanese culture, and the wonderful choice also shows super fashion skills.

Queen Rania of Jordan accompanied the King on his visit to Japan.

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Queen Rania, who just married her daughter last month, recently visited Japan with King Abdullah II. On the first day, she met the Japanese royal family and wore a beige suit jacket customized by Benchellal Dress, with marni golden lamb belt with bow, Jennifer Chamandi beige high-heeled shoes, and Fendi woven bag in hand, forming the most beautiful picture with Queen Masako in elegant white.

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This photo is more eye-catching than a wedding photo

The Jordanian royal family and the Japanese royal family met happily.

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Queen Rania and Queen Masako are rarely in the same frame.

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Yesterday (11th) during the official visit, I met Yuko Kishida, the wife of Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. Mrs. Kishida greeted the delicate guests in a white dress, and Queen Rania deserved the title of "walking fashion wardrobe". A pink three-dimensional flower top from Zimmermann with a flower bud skirt, Dior rose gold mesh high-heeled shoes, and a Gabriela Hearst white lambskin Demi bag in her hand. Not to mention elegant and full of spring, pink flowers are like the most popular in Japanese culture. Like the iconic cherry blossoms, it cleverly pays tribute to Japan, and its super fashion skills have also received a lot of praise.

Queen Rania's dress is specially ordered by Benchellal, with a marni lapel belt, Fendi woven bag, and Jennifer Chamandi beige high-heeled shoes.

Queen Rania specially put on a pink flower dress to pay tribute to the representative cherry blossoms of Japan.

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