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The Moon is in Sagittarius until 20:34 on April 11 

When the Moon passes through this fiery sign, the setting is idealistic and philosophically oriented.

Social and public life are activated.

Now any information is easily digested.

It is good not only to get new knowledge, but also to pass on knowledge and experience to others.

The tendency to seek justice and uphold the law is strengthened.

Do not show excessive optimism and pride.

The desire for recognition, the desire to shine in front of others with knowledge and skills is strengthened.

Restrictions are hard to bear.

It is suitable for buying perfumes with aromas from the eastern market, vanilla, clove, ambergris, as well as rich fruity-floral aromas.

Do not burden the liver with alcohol and fatty food.

Apples should not be eaten, they may cause stomach upset.

The liver, thighs, sciatic nerve are vulnerable.

The moon is idle from 1:49 p.m. to 8:34 p.m.

Nothing important should be done during this period. 

The Moon moves into the earth and cardinal sign Capricorn at 20:34.

until 23:43 on April 13.

Lunar calendar: 21 lunar days from 01:12 on April 11 to 02:20 on April 12

21 lunar day is highly energetic, with a cosmic overtone.

The mystery of the day lies in the symbolic union of Spirit, Soul and Knowledge.

The energy is powerful and can help with quick affairs.

Suitable for making responsible decisions, for active actions, creative upsurge and inspiration, one of the most creative days of the lunar month.

Vows and oaths given take on great power now, so it is not desirable to break them.

It is favorable for collective communication and work.

You should not spend a long time in solitude.

Suitable for general family work, for family walks, for visiting relatives, for receiving guests. 

Day of Astral Knighthood.

You can take an oath of allegiance, you must strive not to lie, to be absolutely pure and fair.

It is a time of indomitable movement forward, upward, a day of courage, fearlessness, voluntary self-sacrifice, relinquishment of property.

A day of revolutionary restructuring, perseverance in achieving the goal, the ability to achieve triumph.

The 21st lunar day is active, but this activity should not be reduced only to the physical plane.

Physical actions should have a spiritual basis such as yoga, qigong, eastern martial arts, collective spiritual practices. 

A good period to restore family harmony

Medically, the day is associated with the liver and its function.

It's not good if you have problems with it now.

The reasons can be both in his excessive workload and due to prolonged physical and spiritual passivity.

In case of illness, do not lie down too much.

Charitable deeds performed on the 21st lunar day increase the good karma several times, but if they are done with a pure heart and not with a selfish purpose.

You shouldn't brag about it.

Sex should be active, energetic, creative, full of new ideas, new techniques and positions.

Boring and new sexual relations are extremely contraindicated.

A haircut on this lunar day is favorable, as it will bring joy and success.

You will be confident, look good and attract attention.

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