Chinese medicine practitioners said that from the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, most of women's low back pain before and after menstrual period and postpartum is caused by kidney deficiency and blood stasis, which can be treated by nourishing kidney qi, dredging meridians and promoting blood circulation; the picture shows the situation.

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[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report] There are hundreds of causes of low back pain, and different positions and pain methods also reflect different conditions.

Liao Fangyi, deputy director of Taoyuan Yiyun Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic, said that muscle pain, herniated disc, kidney inflammation, menstrual period and postpartum are the main causes of low back pain. If you want to improve this symptom, in addition to active treatment, you can try to do baby pose and happy




day Etc. 2 Stretching exercises can relieve back pain, shoulder and neck stiffness.

In addition, massage oil can also be used to press the Shenshu point to help relax.

Liao Fangyi posted on her Facebook fan page "Liao Fangyi Chinese and Western Physician-Diet Nourishing. Prescriptions. Healing the Five Senses" and pointed out that there are many causes of low back pain, and the symptoms of low back pain are also very similar, even women are prone to it before and after their menstrual period and postpartum Symptoms of low back pain and low back pain, but different low back pains actually represent different causes.

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Muscle soreness and low back pain:

the most common, most of which are due to strain, that is, poor posture, long-term standing and sitting, or the habit of crossing the feet, resulting in poor blood circulation in local stiff muscles and ligaments, which can easily cause chronic low back pain. If the hip pain or Low back pain can be pressed to the pain point, so it is more inclined to muscle pain.

Acute low back pain is mostly due to improper application of force, resulting in muscle strain.

Lumbar disc herniation pain:

The pain related to the lumbar spine or intervertebral disc is relatively deep. If it is a relatively mild intervertebral disc herniation, the pain will only be felt in the buttocks and waist. If it is a serious pain, it will compress the nerves and start from the buttocks Going down, even the legs will be painful, and then different numbness will be produced according to the distribution of the nerves, which is commonly known as sciatica.

●Low back pain with kidneys:

least common but requires aggressive treatment.

From the junction of the pelvis and waist, around the 4th and 5th lumbar vertebrae, feel along the ribs, until the junction with the spine is the kidney.

If there is pain when this place is lightly tapped, it means that the kidneys may be inflamed or infected. If you have a fever, you should go to the nephrology or urology department as soon as possible.

●Low back pain before and after menstrual period and postpartum:

It is a female symptom. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, it is mostly caused by kidney deficiency and blood stasis. It can be treated by nourishing kidney qi, dredging meridian and promoting blood circulation, and usually can be improved quickly.

Chinese medicine practitioners say that if you want to improve low back pain, you can try to do baby pose, which can relieve back pain, shoulder and neck stiffness.

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As for how to treat low back pain?

Liao Fangyi said that when low back pain occurs, when you go to a Western doctor to see a doctor, in addition to doing an examination to find the cause, most of them will arrange physical therapy, give painkillers and muscle relaxants.

The treatment methods commonly used in Chinese medicine include acupuncture, massage, Chinese medicine taken internally, externally medicated cloths or medicated wash sprays.

Liao Fangyi further said that from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, it is necessary to first distinguish the deficiency from the excess. The low back pain of the deficiency syndrome should be nourished and nourished, while the low back pain of the excess syndrome should be based on promoting blood circulation and dredging collaterals. The treatment methods are different.

In addition, in addition to seeking professional diagnosis and treatment from Chinese and Western doctors, I recommend 2 yoga movements to relax muscles, such as baby pose and happy baby pose.

●Baby pose:

It can gently stretch the thighs and ankles, extend the hands forward, and press the palms firmly on the floor in front without shrugging the shoulders, helping to regulate anxiety and stress, relieve back pain, shoulder and neck stiffness.

●Happy Baby Pose:

Imitates the comfortable posture of a baby playing happily, which can relieve the lower back, relax the hips, and improve the blood circulation of the lower body.

This yoga pose is suitable for women before and after their menstrual period and mothers who are preparing for pregnancy.

Press the Shenshu point to help relax

Liao Fangyi pointed out that in traditional Chinese medicine aromatherapy, you can also use 4 drops of grapefruit, 2 drops of capsicum, and 2 drops of helichrysum to mix with 15 ml of carrier oil. If St. John's wort oil is used, the effect will be better.

The blended massage oil can be applied to the painful area of ​​the lower back, massaged gently, and strengthen the Shenshu point.

After the massage, you can use hot towels or heating pads to apply heat to help you relax.

In addition, in daily life, you should avoid lifting heavy objects (and holding children for a long time), and your movements should be slow, and you should not change your posture in a hurry, especially when it is cold, you must take measures to keep warm.

Liao Fangyi reminded that in addition to external injuries, low back pain is actually a response to stress and setbacks in life on a psychological level, and it often represents unspeakable suffering.

In addition to seeing a doctor for treatment, it is also recommended to relieve stress and relax, and give yourself a chance to rest.

Herbal Diet for Activating Blood, Tonifying Kidney and Dispelling Rheumatism

Liao Fangyi added that if you have friends with chronic muscle and bone pain, you can try this medicinal diet. It is suitable for both men and women. It is also suitable for postpartum backache and elderly people who care about muscles and bones. If it is not complete, please consult a Chinese physician before taking it.

●Chinese medicinal materials:

Stir-fried Eucommia 3 qian, Dipsacus 3 qian, Sangjisheng 3 qian, Angelica 3 qian, Poria cocos 4 qian, Caulis Spatholobus 2 qian, red dates 5 pieces, wolfberry 4 qian.

It can be stewed in chicken soup or rib soup, both are very delicious.

Chinese medicine practitioners pointed out that if you have chronic muscle and bone pain, you can try the medicated diet for promoting blood circulation, tonifying kidney and dispelling wind and dampness.

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