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Pianist Evgeni Genchev used to look after two foreign children.

He shared this himself in an episode of the show "The Bachelor", in which he is currently the main character.

Shortly before taking part in the reality show, the musician had a relationship with a woman with two children.

In the beginning it was very difficult for him, but gradually the problems were ironed out and this relationship turned him into the person he is today.

In the reality show "The Bachelor", Evgeni patiently listens to everything that the contenders for his heart share with him, but it is difficult for him to share details about himself.

An exception was made with one of the participants - Elena, who this year is considered the most intelligent girl in the show along with the fluffy Pam Velidis.

BBC last week aired footage of the pianist meeting Elena, in which the lady willingly sheds clothes and inhibitions and swims topless with the 33-year-old musician.

He relaxes so much with her that he tells her how he had a relationship with a woman with two children shortly before entering the reality show, writes Hotarena.

BBC, of ​​course, edited the recording, cutting out some of the information.

However, from what remains, it is clear that it was not easy for Genchev to deal with the two foreign children.

He says that he felt worried and at first had great difficulty in communicating with the little ones.

It makes sense that it must have been painful for them to see him with their mother.

However, the young man tried his best and with a lot of patience and tact managed to get closer to the little ones.

He was 28-29 years old when he met the woman in question, and he probably lived with her.

"I wasn't ready for it, it was very difficult for me at first.

 This woman helped me a lot to become who I am today.

 But it was a very difficult process.

I wanted to fight this, maybe that's why I unknowingly put myself in such a problematic situation.

But eventually we got to a point where the kids looked to me for an example, they looked to me for advice, and I think I learned an awful lot from them.

I had to work hard to make things work.

It was very difficult and you can imagine the separation", Evgeni told Elena, who rewarded him for this revelation with generous kisses.

The relationship was long and serious.

Shortly after the breakup, the musician took part in the BTV reality show.

Evgeni is playing in Plovdiv, and the winner of "The Bachelor" is watching him from the front row

Before entering the show, Evgeni, who has been living abroad for years, prepared his return home, to his native Plovdiv, it became clear from the same episode.

He would settle in the inherited house he lived in after he turned 10.

"There is the old piano that I learned to play and I took its life, there is my grand piano, my luggage - everything," the pianist explained to Elena.

He only lacked a "housekeeper" that he hoped to find in the show.

Elena was convinced that she could be a worthy owner of his house in Plovdiv.

The tattoo editor, like the bachelor she is fighting for, is from Plovdiv.

But she, like him, has lived abroad for years.

Bila settled in Berlin, but came to Bulgaria after her brother lost his child.

He was struggling to cope with the bereavement and she returned to help him deal with his depression.

It was her brother's misfortune that became an occasion to talk about children and for Evgeni to share that she has some experience with raising them.

Apparently he is already ready to become a father, if only he can find a woman who will bear him heirs.

Shortly after the episode in question was broadcast by BBC, 

rumors started that in just two months Evgeni was planning to marry Elena.

 She was the winner of the reality show, who received an engagement ring in the final episode.

The couple was not allowed to announce their relationship until the season finale.

The lovers had asked the wedding agency, which organized the details of their happiest day, for discretion.

The wedding was going to take place in the hometown of both of them, Plovdiv.

For now, it is not entirely clear whether there is any truth in these rumors, or whether it is just another reality show rumor.