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The Google search engine is under threat!

By combining the ChatGPT robot, Microsoft has brought amazing chat conversation features to its search engine Bing.

In order to face the opponent, Google CEO Sundar Pichai revealed to the foreign media "The Wall Street Journal" that they will also launch a similar feature in Google search.

Currently, when using Google search, users have to enter keywords, instead of just asking questions like a normal conversation question and answer.

However, chatbots such as ChatGPT use a technology called LLM (large language models) large language model, which allows computer AI to parse complete questions and find answers for users.

According to Sundar Pichai, in the future, people will also have the opportunity to use LLM technology in the Google search engine to allow it to have the ability to chat and chat, but the launch time has not yet been disclosed.

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Sundar Pichai further pointed out that AI chatbots like ChatGPT are not a threat, but can bring more space and opportunities for Google search. In addition, Gmail and other products will try new AI functions, and will continue to rectify resource development technology , and at the same time more effectively integrate its Google Brain and DeepMind two research units specializing in AI.

In fact, after ChatGPT, Google also released an AI robot named "Bard", but it has not been integrated into its related services like Microsoft, and the accuracy of Bard's answering questions needs to be improved, and the actual performance is not as powerful as ChatGPT.

In this regard, Sundar Pichai pointed out to the "New York Times" earlier that Bard will switch to a new PaLM model in the future, which will bring more powerful functions.

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