Xie Jingying (left) was found to be the biological father of her son Zhang Shuwei in "The Rich in the Market". The two were threatened, and the scene was quite exciting.

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[Reporter Li Shaoling/Taipei Report] Xie Jingying and Wu Dongyan quarreled over the issue of their son's life experience at the 8:00 episode of FTV's "The Rich in the Market". When his father heard it, Ni Qimin was furious, rushed out and scolded Xie's wife for being unruly, and even rewarded her A slap in the face, the conflict ignited to the highest point, and finally Ni Qimin even went to the kindergarten to take away his grandson, trying to use him to avenge Zhang Shuwei, so Xie Jingying cried and shouted anxiously and chased after her, and finally fell down crying on the side of the road.

Xie Jingying said that she cried 10 liters of tears in this scene, and her eyes were so swollen that she couldn't open them. The staff quickly put ice cubes on her to reduce the swelling.

Ni Qimin (left) learned that his grandson was not his own in "The Rich in the Market", so he had to use him as a pawn to threaten his biological father Zhang Shuwei.

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Xie Jingying was slapped in the face by her father-in-law Ni Qimin in "A Rich Family in the Market", and fell down crying on a chair in embarrassment.

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Xie Jingying was slapped by her father-in-law Ni Qimin in "The Rich in the Market", and then rushed out to catch up, trying to prevent him from taking away her son.

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Xie Jingying was given a big slap by her father-in-law Ni Qimin in the play. She said that this scene was a big outbreak of family conflict. She revealed that Ni Qimin told her before the filming that she would fight for real. , Ni Qimin's aura is super strong, a slap made her forget to flash along, and left a red slap mark. After the scene paused, Ni Qimin quickly stepped forward to care about her emotions, and said to her: "You want to Remember the insults others have done to you now, and when it is reversed, you can repay it double."

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Xie Jingying was in a miserable state in "The Rich in the Market", and she just wanted to run away from the scene after work was over.

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Xie Jingying was beaten by her father-in-law Ni Qimin in "The Rich in the Market".

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Xie Jingying was slapped by Ni Qimin in "The Rich in the Market", leaving a red mark.

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Xie Jingying said that this scene was so emotional that she kept digging deep into the character Chen Yujie on the way from reading the script to filming to let herself go into the crying scene. She admitted that because her family life was too happy, she didn't have an emotional box, which caused her a lot of emotions. When entering a role, you have to write a lot of comments for the role yourself to get yourself involved, but the broadcast a while ago caused heated discussions. The audience saw that Chen Yujie was so stupid and did not resist, and desperately left messages to scold her. She read the comments and lost her mind. She even shed tears crazily. She said that because the child was still at her husband's house, before she was able to protect the child, she could only choose to endure it.

Off-screen, she also wanted to run home after work in order to get rid of the character's collapsed mood. She laughed and said that she didn't want to stay in the studio for a moment, she just wanted to go back to her own world and let go.

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