[Reporter Chen Huiling/Comprehensive Report] American diva Taylor Swift is on her "Eras" world tour. Now it is reported that she and British actor Jo Owen have broken up, ending their 6-year relationship.

The 33-year-old Taylor Swift has been in a relationship with Joe Owen, who is one year younger than her, for six years. The two also wrote songs together. In the past, Joe Owen came to Taiwan to participate in the film reporter with Ang Lee, the director of "Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk". meeting.

"Entertainment Tonight" was the first to disclose the news of the breakup between Taylor Swift and Joe Owen, and then major American media followed up and reported the news of the queen's love affair one by one. The report alleged that Taylor Swift is currently on tour, but Joe Owen has not appeared in any concert at all , mainly because the relationship between the two has come to an end.

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During Taylor Swift's tour, a sudden love affair broke out.

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Taylor Swift and Joe Owen have repeatedly denied engagement rumors in the past, with Jo Owen even jokingly telling the Wall Street Journal: "If I get a pound every time someone says I'm engaged, then I already have a lot of pound coins! "In the past, the outside world speculated whether Swift would walk on the red carpet with Joe Owen?

Joe Owen said: "If the answer is yes, I will not say it, and if the answer is no, I will not say it." Pretty low-key.

Joe Owen and Diva break up.

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A source once revealed to "PEOPLE" magazine that Swift and Joe Owen were "very happy and happy during their relationship. He was her rock." Unfortunately, the relationship could not last in the end.

According to "Page Six" report, the two broke up peacefully a few weeks ago. The source said: "This is not a drama, but a natural relationship development."

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