The baby sling should be selected so that the child can have the correct posture and can breathe normally under a secure fixation; the picture shows the situation.

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[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report] Many novice parents often worry about choosing baby products, and baby slings are one of them.

Chen Yingzhuang, the attending physician of Hexin Pediatric Clinic, posted on the Facebook fan page "Dr. Chen Yingzhuang's Parenting Information Station", pointing out that there are three key points in the selection of baby slings. In addition to the comfort of parents, the most important thing is to make the child's posture correct and securely fixed. able to breathe normally.

Remember to confirm the key points of "5CM" when wearing it. "5" means tightness, look, head, chest, and back; "C" means C-shaped back; "M" means M-shaped legs.

Securely fix and breathe normally, remember to keep an eye on the head, chest and back

Able to fit the baby tightly

: tightly wrap the baby so that it is not easy to shake or fall into the sling, just adjust it to the extent that the adult will not be oppressed when taking a deep breath.

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Pay attention at any time

: adults can see the baby's face clearly when they look down at any time, so that they can observe the baby's various needs at any time.

Bow your head to kiss your head

: When an adult bows his head, he should be able to kiss the baby's head or forehead. This distance is also more convenient to pay attention to the baby's condition.

The chin is far away from the chest

: If the baby's body is too bent, it will affect the breathing. There should be about two fingers' space between the baby's chin and the chest to facilitate smooth breathing.

Full back support

: The baby's back should be fully supported and present a natural curvature.

A straight back or excessive curvature are both wrong backs.

Proper posture for bone development

Chen Yingzhuang pointed out that the baby's posture should follow the C-shaped back and M-shaped legs to ensure the normal development of the baby's spine and hip joints and prevent infants with dysplasia of the hip (DDH).

​ ●C-shaped back: The baby's back follows the natural C-shaped curve.

​M-shaped legs: The legs should be in an M-shaped shape to allow the hip joints to develop normally.

Parents need to be comfortable

In addition to following the above-mentioned 5CM rules to choose a baby sling, Chen Yingzhuang added that parents should also carry it comfortably. No matter how good the sling is for the baby, if parents carry it for 2 minutes, their backs will hurt. It is recommended that the sling be tried by yourself. Buy later.

In addition, the sling with waist stool should be used after the baby is 6 months old and above and starts to learn to sit.

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