'Bollywood people only know how to copy'

New Delhi:

Remakes of films have become common in Bollywood these days.

Not us but see for yourself.

Be it Gumrah, which is a remake of Tadam.

So there is Kisi Ki Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan, which is a remake of South's Veeram.

An actor got angry on this.

Kamal R Khan, who is popularly known as KRK, has given his reaction on the remake being made in Bollywood one after the other, on which people are seen talking. 

KRK often makes headlines due to his statements.

Recently, be it Kapil Sharma's Zwigato or Ajay Devgan's Bhola.

KRK's comments come in the headlines.

Meanwhile, he has given his reaction on the Bollywood remake being made on South films.

KRK wrote, Bollywood people only know how to copy, so how will Bollywood survive if the actors will not agree to remake?

Copywood people are not smart enough to make an original film.

In such a situation, Bollywood is in a big problem at this time. 

Bollywood people know to copy only, So if Actors won't agree to do remakes, then how will Bollywood survive?

Copywood people are not that much intelligent that they can make original film.

So Bollywood is in big problem right now.

— KRK (@kamaalrkhan) April 8, 2023

People have also reacted to this tweet of the actor.

One user wrote, Copywood has been driving the audience crazy for decades.

the other wrote.

This is what is happening.

It is time Indian cinema has to unite.

Not only this, some people are also seen trolling the poster of Allu Arjun's latest Pushpa The Rule 2. 

Let me tell you, recently Akshay Kumar's Selfie and Karthik Aryan's Shehzada also could not show much wonder at the box office.

While it is a remake of South's films.

However, Salman Khan starrer Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan has to be seen how amazing it is at the box office.

Because this is also a remake of South's film. 

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