Following the documentaries "Eagle Wants to Fly" and "Looking for the Mythical Bird", Liang Jiede launched "Guarding the Black-faced Spoonbill", which took 30 years to document.

(Photo by reporter Song Zhixiong)

[Reporter Liao Lihui/Interview] Senior eco-photographer Liang Jiede followed the documentaries "The Eagle Wants to Fly" and "Looking for the Mythical Bird". In an exclusive interview, he revealed that sometimes he has to wait for several years to take a shot. He bluntly said that waiting for a bird is a kind of practice. Although the process is boring, "but if you shoot the picture imagined in your mind, that is the happiest time."

"Guarding the Black-faced Spoonbill" not only takes the black-faced spoonbill as the protagonist, but also records the unknown story of photographer Wang Zhengji, who is known as "Mr. Black Spoonbill".

In fact, Liang Jiede and Wang Zhengji have been bird friends for 30 years. They met because they were very concerned about black-faced spoonbills and liked to take pictures. He went to Australia to shoot birds, but his entire luggage was stolen before the return trip, including 450,000 cameras, which meant that the trip was wasted.

However, although Wang Zhengji was a rich second generation in the past, his family failed to do business in Africa and went bankrupt due to debts.

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Black-faced spoonbill Mr. Wang Zhengji (from left), director Liang Jiede, and Japanese black-faced spoonbill expert Matsumoto Satoru.

(Information photo, provided by Caichang)

Not only that, but the film also mentioned that Wang Zhengji and his wife encountered a major accident while filming black-faced spoonbills in South Africa, and his wife also passed away in that accident. After a year of silence, he regained his camera; A few days ago, Wang Zhengji, who was obsessed with birds, did not hesitate to postpone his colorectal cancer surgery in order to photograph black-faced spoonbills.

These past events are now being brought to the big screen. When asked if he was worried about recalling Wang Zhengji's sad memories, Liang Jiede said that these stories have been told several times by both parties.

Liang Jiede does not only shoot a single species of bird every time he takes a photo, resulting in thousands of hard drives and negatives in his home.

(Photo by reporter Song Zhixiong)

After all kinds of setbacks, Wang Zhengji couldn’t stop Wang Zhengji’s love for black-faced spoonbills. This is the same for Liang Jiede. It is difficult to obtain sponsorship for ecological documentaries, which always makes Liang Jie very troubled, and he admits that he will indeed feel tired, but he is still unwilling to give up as a lover of nature. He has been shooting for decades. He is optimistic Said: "If you can't shoot this year, wait for next year. If you don't have it next year, then the year after."

Liang Jiede does not only shoot a single species of bird every time he takes a photo, resulting in thousands of hard disks and negatives in his home. He expects to complete the documentaries "Eight-Colored Birds" and "Grey-faced Vulture" within 10 years, and will "cross the ocean" Flying Quartet" is the end.

When asked if you plan to retire?

Liang Jiede said with a smile: "I have thought that the film is almost finished, and I want to find a place to hide in the mountains, but after the tetralogy is over, I still want to make a documentary about Xiong Ying. After the filming, the camera equipment should not be able to carry it. Maybe going to retire."

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