[Reporter Li Shaoling/Taipei Report] Wang Zhenlin played the role of Zheng Jiayi, a long-lost bank clerk in the Netflix series "The Imitator", who was tortured and buried in the ground. The protagonist Wu Kangren warmed up during the filming and shouted: "Thank you Kangren."

Wu Kangren plays the prosecutor in "The Copycat".

(courtesy of Netflix)

Wang Zhenlin said that the weather was very cold during the filming period, and she was especially protected by everyone when there were few costumes. "I remember that when I was on the mountain, only a thin shirt was buried in the soil. The hole was deeper than I imagined. After entering it, it was impossible. Move." She said that Wu Kangren, who played prosecutor Guo Xiaoqi, was very careful. During the rehearsal, he found that loose earth and rocks would fall near her body. "He specially asked the on-site staff to help me put a cloth on my head and an umbrella to cover my body. Keep the stone from hitting me."

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Wang Zhenlin said that in "The Imitator", there are "Sodom F4" Yao Chunyao, Huang He, Fan Shaoxun, Xu Yujie, and laughed: "We also have the victim F4, and there was a scene where we just got together and discussed with each other who was tortured in the scene." The worst, who encountered what situation on the day of filming, think about it, it’s like bragging about who was the hardest soldier after serving in the army, such a lovely memory.”

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