Wu Dongyan tortured Xie Jingying, forcing her to kneel down to help put on her shoes.

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[Reporter Yi Huici/Taipei Report] People's TV "The Rich in the Market" recently revealed that the murderer who killed Luo Qiaolun (played as Qiuyue) was Wu Dongyan (played as Jackie Chan), who made Zhang Shuwei (played as Guosheng) an orphan, and also killed his wife Xie Jingying (played as Yujie) )'s father He Junjie (played as Shiming) was imprisoned for 5 years for his innocence. In order to cover up the crime, Wu Dongyan completely blackened and tortured Xie Jingying.

Xie Jingying was very wronged.

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In the play, Zhang Shuwei met Wu Dongyan and Xie Jingying on the street. Although Wu Dongyan was pretending to be blind, he was very upset. He deliberately found trouble to vent, so Xie Jingying asked Xie Jingying to take him to the shoe store next door to try on the shoes. The clerk wanted to help him try them on. Asked his wife to help, but actually asked Xie Jingying to kneel in front of him and help him put on his shoes. Zhang Shuwei couldn't stand it outside the store and wanted to step forward to interfere, but Xie Jingying secretly shook her head to signal no.

Wu Dongyan was very upset when he saw the interaction between the two, so he deliberately pretended to accidentally kick Xie Jingying and tortured her deliberately.

Because Xie Jingying continued to be tortured by Wu Dongyan in the play, the audience was so angry that they called it "too inhuman". However, some netizens predicted that the more they tortured their wife, the counterattack or retribution would be exciting and worth looking forward to.

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Zhang Shuwei (pictured) did not want Xie Jingying to be tortured.

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Xie Jingying said that she has been bullied in the drama recently, which made her feel very depressed, but she also cheered up and found a reason to make herself happy every day. She deliberately posted beautiful photos on Facebook and asked netizens to help her cheer up. I asked everyone to cheer for Yujie one by one, and I also shouted "Hold on a little longer".

Netizens left messages to cheer her up, and she felt better. She said that now in the play, she also began to secretly investigate Wu Dongyan's weird behavior. At that time, she will change from being tortured to fighting back, and it will definitely have a great effect.

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