Smallpox has been eradicated, and poliomyelitis is almost completely eradicated.

APA reports that this was said by the head of the World Health Organization's Azerbaijan Delegation, Hande Harmanci.

According to him, global life expectancy has increased from 46 to 73 years even in the poorest countries:

"All these achievements are only two important points of the work done by the WHO during its 75 years of existence. In addition, malaria has been eliminated in 42 countries, HIV and tuberculosis epidemics have been stopped, and at least one tropical disease has been stopped in 47 countries."

Hande Harmanci reminded that the first vaccines for Ebola and malaria were developed and licensed in the last five years.

"For the past 3 years, WHO has coordinated the global response to the worst health crisis of this century, the COVID-19 pandemic," he said.

During his speech, Hande Harmanci said that the Center for Cooperation with the WHO, the only one of its kind in the world, was established in Azerbaijan for the prevention and control of tuberculosis in prisons.

"Azerbaijan was given the status of a polio-free country in 2002 and a malaria-free country in 2023. We achieved these achievements together with our local partners and are proud to play a leading role in these activities. I hope that our relations will continue to strengthen and we will achieve universal medical care. ".