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The bachelor Evgeni Genchev, who is currently one of the most discussed reality characters, will present his solo piano show to a Bulgarian audience for the first time.

His concert will be on June 3 at the Ancient Theater in his hometown of Plovdiv.

And in the first row in the audience next to his parents will sit the winner of "The Bachelor", with whom Evgeni has a serious relationship according to well-informed sources, reports "24 Chasa".

The love between the two continues even after the end of the show, unlike the first edition of the format, after which the previous participant Victor was left alone. 

For now, however, we can only guess which of the participants caused the strongest feelings in Evgeni.

There are all sorts of guesses on social media, but the most discussed options are Valeria, Eileen and Elena, to whom he has shown the most serious interest so far in the show.

Whether according to the script or from a personal impulse, Evgeni has already targeted quite a few of the girls, which is why viewers are joking that instead of "The Bachelor" the show should be called "The Kisser". 

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The show's popularity is sure to bring him plenty of audiences at the Ancient Theater as well.

His concert is entitled "My music.

My world.

Myself" and with him the pianist will present his arrangements of compositions from Albinoni to "Queen" and "Nirvana".

Along with the tickets for the event, there are also special VIP packages for the most curious who want to meet him in person and attend the rehearsal before the concert.

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