TED can be brought under control by making lifestyle changes.

Thyroid eye disease:

Is the body in the grip of thyroid or not?

There are many ways to identify it.

Increase in body weight, dryness of skin, thickening of hair, complaints of constipation and increase in cholesterol in the blood can occur, while some changes in the eyes can also identify thyroid.

There are some unusual changes in hypothyroidism, about which we are going to tell you in this article today, so that you can identify this symptom as well. 

If you sit in the sun for so long, then the body will get plenty of Vitamin D, you will not have to eat supplements.

What is thyroid eye disease

  • In fact, people who suffer from hypothyroidism, their eye muscles and tissues start swelling.

    In this the eyes become red or there is pain.

Know here by walking how many steps daily, weight is maintained, fat does not increase on the stomach.

  • Thyroid Eye Disease (TID) is also known as Auto Immune Syndrome.

    This has a bad effect on the eyesight.

    In this the person starts to see blurred.

    Sometimes reflection also happens.

    Things start to look double.

    Dryness remains in the eyes in this disease. 

  • Let us tell you that if the treatment of TED is started at the right time, it can be cured.

    Changes in lifestyle can be brought under control, so now if you see any such symptom in your eyes, then see the doctor immediately.

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