The doctor pointed out that when only the skin is loose, there will only be a slight forward drooping feeling under the eyes, but if it is so severe that the orbital septum is also loose, the protrusion under the eyes will be severe; the situation photo, the person in the picture has nothing to do with this article.

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[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report] Modern people have a fast-paced life, a lot of pressure, and stay up late. Many people have eye bags early on.

Zheng Ying, a plastic surgeon, said that eye bags are not difficult to deal with. For mild cases, hyaluronic acid can be used together with electro-acoustic wave lifting for micro-plastic surgery. For severe cases, surgery is recommended to remove the fat under the eyes and use apple muscle to replenish fat.

To quickly identify, you can look up the eyes to observe the protruding eye bags, and you can also check the severity of the eye bags by smiling.

Zheng Ying posted on her Facebook fan page "Plastic Surgery Physician Zheng Ying" that minor bags under the eyes can be treated with makeup, but more serious bags cannot be covered by makeup, which greatly reduces the beauty.

Normally, there will be an orbital diaphragm and lower orbital skin under the eyes, which will pack up the fat under the eyes and keep the face flat.

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She said that the main cause of eye bags is that the orbital diaphragm and lower orbital skin are loose, which cannot fix the suborbital fat, causing the soft tissue under the eyes to protrude.

When only the skin is loose, there will only be a slight forward "drape" under the eyes, but if it is severe enough that the orbital diaphragm is also loose, it will cause severe protrusions under the eyes. Therefore, clinically, according to the degree of relaxation of the two, eye bags are divided into two types. 3 levels:

●Protrusion pattern under the eyes

1. Slight protrusions: Concealer can be used to improve the shadow difference caused by protrusions.

2. Moderate: Reliable micro-shaping to smooth the appearance.

3. Severe: may need to rely on surgery to adjust.

●Skin tightness

1. Slight: Skin elasticity is usually very good, basically no fine lines can be seen around eye bags.

2. Moderate: Fine lines are visible around eye bags.

3. Severe: It may cause fat displacement under the eye socket. When the displacement is serious, there may even be multiple bags under the eyes.

Skin depression caused by tear trough and apple muscle defects

1. Slight bags under the eyes: There is almost no sunken problem.

2. Moderate bags under the eyes: There will be grooves in the part below the lying silkworm.

3. Severe bags under the eyes: obvious depressions are formed in the lower eyes, which become tear troughs.

Simple 2 strokes to quickly identify

Zheng Ying pointed out that if you want to quickly identify bags under the eyes, simply speaking, you need to use eye movements to make the bags under the eyes more obvious:

●Looking up:

If the eye bags are severe, the space of the lower eye socket will be reduced when the eyes are looking up, and the protruding eye bags will be more obvious.

● Smile to check the severity of bags under the eyes:

slight bags under the eyes are supported by the force of the orbicularis oculi muscle, so the bags under the eyes will partially improve, and the lying silkworm will also become more obvious.

However, severe bags under the eyes will appear more obvious due to extrusion.

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