[Reporter Xu Shiying/Taipei Report] 53-year-old Hong Kong DJ with the title of "Ghost King" and famous ghost radio host Pan Shaocong, in order to commemorate the deceased Leslie Cheung, cooperated with Hong Kong Universal Music to shoot a series of videos in memory of the legendary figure.

Not only has he come to Taiwan to shoot a film recently, but he also held a flash mob event in the Xinyi District. He also plans to shoot supernatural films and films in Taiwan.

Pan Shaocong (middle) and street performers Zhen An (left) and Su Houyu (right) performed a flash mob of Leslie Cheung's songs.

(Provided by Big Big Air Asia & Universal Music Hong Kong)

Pan Shaocong came to Taiwan this time to shoot a series of films commemorating Leslie Cheung. He not only cooperated with Taiwanese Internet celebrities, but also invited people from Taiwan and Hong Kong to shoot the film together, and cooperated with Admiralty special effects makeup artist Chu Xu.

During the filming, he also held a pop-up concert on the streets of Xinyi District, where he sang Leslie Cheung's classic songs live, which attracted many audiences to watch.

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In addition, Pan Shaocong also established a production company in Taiwan, planning to shoot albums or movies in Taiwan in the future, hoping to cooperate with outstanding actors in Taiwan, such as Xiaoxun and Yu-Ning Tsao who have collaborated in "Bound Spirit" before.

Pan Shaocong (left) and Admiralty special effects makeup artist Chu Xu took a photo.

(Provided by Big Big Air Asia & Universal Music Hong Kong)

Speaking of the works that impressed Leslie Cheung, Pan Shaocong said "Golden Branches and Jade Leaves 1" and "Golden Branches and Jade Leaves 2". The movie's theme songs "Chasing" and "A Man with a Heart" are classics in the hearts of the audience, and their popularity is also very high."

This cooperation project is not only to commemorate Leslie Cheung, he also hopes that through these videos, more people will know the musical talent and personal charm of this legendary singer.

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