GUCCI launches 2023 new watch works, from top-level watchmaking to daily wear, the whole series is exposed at one time, especially the highly complex functions such as tourbillon and moon direction, which are surprising and full of GUCCI's recognition, so that brand fans can't help thinking about the whole series. receive.

A while ago, the Watches & Wonders High-end Watch Fair held in Geneva, Switzerland, just ended. Many brands that were not on the exhibition also chose to reveal their new works at the same time, such as GUCCI.

The watch works launched by GUCCI in 2023 will list high-complexity top-level watchmaking and watch works suitable for daily wear, and meet the needs of brand fans with different needs.

Top-level watchmaking includes three classic series of G-Timeless, 25H, and Grip at one time, and the daily wear series also includes G-Timeless, 25H, and Gucci Dive diving watch series.

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The works in the top watchmaking field not only offer high-complexity functions but also have GUCCI’s iconic brand features, such as the bee that fans of the brand are no strangers to, and the brightly colored precious gemstone decorations, making the watch highly recognizable.

G-Timeless Planetarium launched four new watches with the Dancing Hours flying tourbillon movement GGC.1976.DS as the core. The start and stop functions of the crown rotate and revolve.

Two of the new watches are moon-themed, one featuring 12 Ethiopian opals against a translucent blue background, and the other composed of topaz, peridot, amethyst and Ethiopian opal to form a Harmonious dreamy shades.

The other two models are red sunset and star theme, which also use colored gemstones that echo the color to emphasize the theme. For example, the sunset model is dominated by red gemstones, and the star model is added with diamond decoration for more sparkle.

Gucci G-Timeless Planetarium Central Flying Tourbillon 18K rose gold multicolored gem watch, 11,700,000 yuan.

Gucci G-Timeless Planetarium 18K white gold inlaid opal watch with flying tourbillon in the middle, 7,980,000 yuan.

The most recognizable brand in the G-Timeless series is the Dancing Bees series. The vibrating effect of 12 golden bees on the surface makes you dazzled every time you look down and read.

A total of two new works have been launched, the first one has a blue-green surface, just like the ocean color seen when looking at the earth from space; the second one is designed with a pistachio green opal surface, showing the appearance of verdant green land.

The Dancing Bees series also demonstrates GUCCI's superb gem inlay technology. To observe the surface, firstly, the fragile gemstones must be polished to a thickness of 0.45mm, and then cut into pieces of small rectangles, which are laid on the mother-of-pearl chassis with a thickness of only 0.15mm. Test the skills of craftsmen.

Gucci G-Timeless Dancing Bees 18K rose gold tourbillon watch, blue turquoise dial, 3,300,000 yuan.

Gucci G-Timeless Dancing Bees 18K rose gold diamond tourbillon watch, pistachio green opal dial, 4,900,000 yuan.

G-Timeless launched the Moonlight moon phase watch. In addition to the complex functions of the moon phase, the biggest feature is the customized design. The customized display is displayed in two places. The first is the "time scale". The wearer will get six representative watches The gemstones of the personal astrolabe and the diamonds represent twelve hour markers; in addition, up to five custom letters or characters can be etched on the inner ring, the oscillating weight showing the customer's personal constellation, and the customized crocodile leather strap. Initials or any meaningful word is fine.

Gucci G-Timeless Moonlight 18K white gold double moon phase watch, customized blue dial inlaid with gemstones, 3,700,000 yuan.

Returning to the daily wear series G-Timeless, a combination of different watch diameters and different colored gemstone dials is launched to provide watch fans with more matching options, such as brightly colored malachite, onyx, lapis lazuli or turquoise, etc., except for the classic ones in terms of size. The 38mm automatic watch and the 32mm quartz watch are additionally launched with a large diameter of 42mm, 40mm, and a small diameter of 27mm, which can also be worn as a pair of watches.

Gucci G-Timeless watch.

Gucci G-Timeless watch.

In addition, 25H launched three new automatic watches made of green, red and gold aluminum alloys, with a matte colored alligator leather strap in the same color as the case, making the watch an excellent accessory; the webbing watch in the Dive series The strap is made of a new bio-based material derived from non-genetically modified raw materials, which is in line with the concept of sustainable development. There are also stainless steel straps to choose from, with a variety of dials and bezels in different colors, and it is also waterproof to 300 meters.

Gucci 25H watch.

Gucci 25H watch.

Gucci Dive Web watch.

Gucci Dive stainless steel watch.

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